A Thousand Rounds [Chapter 1.0] NME Artworks Free Dwonload

NME Artworks Games released a new game called A Thousand Rounds and the version is Chapter 1.0. The game’s story is about The story will put you in the shoes of a seasoned combat veteran who was recently released from service. You will go on a journey with him while he attempts to re-assimilate, and try to find some way in the world he left behind so long ago, with the help of a particularly vibrant cast to boot. Part fiction, and part non-fiction, this novel will offer you a glimpse into the real life struggles of combat veterans from a first hand perspective, and draws story elements from the greats like Tom Clancy, Jack Carr, and John Grisham. Just like in life, every choice made will matter here. Action, drama, heartbreak, and romance await you. So strap in, and stay frosty.​

Developer: NME Artworks
File Size: 6.99 GB
Version: Chapter 1.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English


Chapter 1

  • Initial Release
  • 1000+ Lossless 4k Renders
  • 21 Licensed Songs
  • 9 Sound Effects
  • 7756 words
  • ~1 hour of straight through playing time +/- 15 if you read slower/faster

Developer Notes:

I stumbled onto the VN scene some time back as a consumer. I started playing around in Daz for fun, and then with the encouragement of community members and friends, I started development on A Thousand Rounds. I will note, that I do this in my free time, but I am fully committed to the production and completion of this story.

Game Screenshot:


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