Aphotic Side [v0.4][AztoDio] – VisitMama

The project has been updated with the following changes:
A new area called Abandoned Ruins has been added.
Additional monster girls, including Frog, Mouse, Mud Slime, and Snail, have been included.
An option to skip the Opening Scenes has been added.
A new opening scene has been added for Minerva Garden’s side story, featuring 2B, Byleth, Artoria, Rosa, Jeanne d’Arc, Lappland, Tifa, and others.
Two new h-scenes featuring 2B have been added.
The Main Menu has been redesigned and is currently still in development. It is located at the bottom right of the screen.
A Nude mode has been added, and outfit changes can be made through the Main Menu located at the bottom right of the Home Screen.
There are a few known issues with the project, including the fact that the story for Jaded Meadow and Abandoned Ruins is still being developed, and there may be bugs with the new Main Menu, which are currently being worked on.

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