Area69 [v0.77][k78Games] – VisitMama

Area69 [v0.77][k78Games] – VisitMama

This is the actual list of things that should be in here on top of getting Lucy on the beach:
– Bug Fix: Emilia Laptop.
– Bug Fix: xVideos does not start.
– Lucy: “First time.”
– Lucy: “Tips from the enemy”
– Lucy: New sex scene in her room.
– Lucy: New sex scene in the pool.
– Lucy: New sex scene in the bathroom.
– Lucy: New sex scene in the living room.
– Lucy: New sex scene in the kitchen.
– Ahegao/normal option in ALL Lucy’s scenes.
– Lucy: “Possible salvation” -> Three different endings (Vampire, human and werewolf)
– Implementation of not being able to become a vampire if the MC is already a werewolf, new images in Elena’s quest.

Important: You can’t be a vampire and a werewolf at the same time! If you are already a vampire you will have to start a new game to be a werewolf or wait for some “miraculous cure” to appear in future updates…

Area69 v0.74

(Time to Train) – August/September 2022

– Quest ‘World Championship’ finished with 10 new chapters​

– Quest ‘xVideos’ finished with 3 new chapters​

– Rework of the boxing gym and all old renders​

– Repeatable scenes with six students for the new profession​

– Repeatable scenes with female boxers​

– Repeatable scenes with Angela, Martina and Nicole​

– New profession (Personal Trainer)​

– New NPC: Alana, Nicole’s sister​

– New NPC: Anastasia’s Bodyguard​

– 35 new achievements​.


– ALL quests have improvements, new options and new animations, so it is necessary to start a new game*.
– Mission “Let’s play!” completely reworked
– Andrea reworked
– New Achievement System (+100 Achievements)
– New Quest System
– New Personality System (Good / Bad)
– The bathroom and all its scenes completely reworked
– New repeatable scenes
– ALL game animations reworked
– Music and sound reworked
– Many changes in the interface
– Typography and text options
– Partial rollback working
* The personality system would not make sense if a new game is not started and the player makes their own decisions.

– Scene at the beach with the lifeguard
– Short progression on the story + scene with the police woman (Jessica)
– Short progression on the story + voyeur scene: sex between Eva and Sebastian
– Alicia’s scene reworked


[New Scene] Isabella & Julia in Julia’s Bedroom (Important decision)
[New Scene] Isabella & MC Sleeping
[New Scene] Amelia in the park at night
[New Scene] Aliens in the pool at night

[New Scene] Coffee with Emma and Julia
[New Scene] Emma in her bathroom (Two endings)
[New Scene] Olivia in the school hall (various paths)
[New Scene] Abigail, Naomi, Olivia in the maintenance room (Three endings)
[New Scene] Anna and Olivia in the Teacher’s Office (Two endings)


[Animation rework] MC dreams of Anna
[Animation rework] Vaginal sex with Judy
[Animation rework] Oral sex with Judy
[Animation rework] Julia masturbates the MC while he sleeps
[New repeatable scene] Sex between Julia and the MC in her room (Lucy spy)
[Place rework] Lily’s Book Shop
[Full NPC rework] Lily
[Reworking of scenes] Talks with Lily
[New repeatable scene] Lily and the MC in Lily’s office

Area69 [v0.77][k78Games] – VisitMama

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