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Are you looking to download Depraved Awakening APK for Android, Windows, and Mac? Then on the right page, we will guide you through how to download and install Depraved Awakening on your device. More info – In Free City, a private eye refuses to accept suicide as the final word. With a penchant for uncovering the truth, this investigator dives into the murky depths of a suspicious death, ready to face the risks and secrets lurking in the shadows, because uncovering the truth is their calling.

Game Info


1.0 Final
Size 1 GB
Released On 10th Sep 2017
Updated On 19th Sep 2023
Support Developer PhillyGames

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Depraved Awakening Gameplay


In the dimly lit streets of Free City, where secrets lurk in every corner and shadows hold their own stories, you are the embodiment of dogged determination and unwavering resolve. As a seasoned private investigator, you’ve navigated the treacherous alleys and murky underbelly of this sprawling metropolis for years. Your latest case, however, has cast a long shadow over your life.

The winds of mystery have blown through your office door, leaving behind a chilling enigma. Your most recent client, a man whose desperation had etched deep lines on his face, now lies dead. The official narrative whispers the word suicide, but you, ever the discerning detective, sense something far more sinister at play.

You know better than to simply accept the surface explanation. It’s not in your nature to bow to convenient conclusions. You’re cut from the cloth of those who seek the truth, no matter how treacherous the path may be. 

As you delve deeper into this case, a foreboding cloud of uncertainty looms overhead. The Free City underworld is notorious for its hidden alliances, dangerous liaisons, and ruthless characters. Poking around these murky waters could land you in hot water, and there are those who would prefer you kept your nose out of their affairs.

But then again, why did you become a private eye if not to seek out the truth, even when it means facing the heat? You’re a lone wolf, unafraid of the darkness that envelopes you, and determined to uncover the secrets that lie beneath the surface. In a city where every shadow hides a story and every whispered rumor conceals a clue, you are the beacon of relentless pursuit, ready to face the consequences of your curiosity head-on.

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How To Download And Install Depraved Awakening

How to download

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How to install

Android installation Steps:-

  • Enable Unknown Sources: In device settings, allow app installation from sources other than Play Store.
  • Download APK: Get the APK file from a trusted source.
  • Locate APK: Find the downloaded APK in the “Downloads” folder.
  • Install: Tap the APK file, then agree to permissions and install.
  • App Installed: Look for the app in your device’s app list.
  • Disable Unknown Sources (Optional): Turn off the option to prevent unauthorized installations.

Windows Installation Steps:-

  • Download: Get the .exe file from a trusted source.
  • Run: Double-click the .exe file.

Please note that as soon as an update becomes available, we’ll make every effort to immediately post it on our website. To ensure you don’t lose your progress while playing, please only update from our official site.

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