Factorial Omega: My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend [v0.088 beta][Incontinent Cell]

v0.86.0 v2
-Reworked most of the game’s UI. New, fresh look. This also gives a couple quality of life feature. For example:
–Narration log. You can now read back conversations that happened in case you missed something.
–Skip button. You can now skip conversations you aren’t interested in.
-New scene: Cowgirl
-A lot of new items:
–Baggy Hoodie
–Baggy Pants
–Multiple variations of shirts, hoodies and panties(Different logos and such)
–Other items
-New part of the game. Contracts. Basically quests, but for streaming.
-New story:
–Continuation of church’s story after good ending. Nun will be able to help you fix bad condition items you come across.
–New storyline related to bigdaddyhurt

-New website for the deliveries. You can now track deliveries there and speed them up.
-New main menu with cool paralax effect
-10 new songs in game’s ost
-Two new date events
-A lot of progress in game’s translation to different languages.

-New easter eggs
-Game’s saves are now stored inside of the game’s folder.(This was done so steam autosaves work, but turned out to be pointless…)
-Game saves are now not written to directly, but written to a temporary file which afterwards replaces the main save file. Thanks to this you shouldn’t lose your save if you close the game during saving anymore!
-Doggy scene now has more separate cum textures
-Made links in emails clickable
-You now can exit a frick scene at any point.
-Made “Remove” tool better. It will be able to remove all items now. Even moded ones.
-Parts of game interface that are not clickable will be now grayed out
-Added a folder for modded and vanilla items in the inventory
-Added a search bar in the equipment and items screens to filter items with their name.
-Name of the bot will be used for the name above story text as opposed to just “Bot” before.
-Missing items(Items from removed mods) will now include what mod they were from in their description if game has the name saved.
-Changed the way dialogue way is displayed in old maid, frick, equipment screens. This also fixes a bug that would skip conversations while clicking on other things.
-Annalie’s shop now has more items to choose from.
-Added a warning for WebGL that your saves might disappear if you clear browser data.
-Updated unity to 2021 LTS(Hope this doesn’t break anything)
-Added a new button to the cheat website allowing you to reset the church storyline.
-Made animations of switching between expressions of side characters a bit nicer by using a different way to switch between them.
-Made oblivious ending of church storyline a bit less likely to get by extending hours Shanice is at church during the last chance to meet her.
-Special event happening after church’s good ending now happens 4 days after the end as opposed to previous 7 days.
-Loading screen now says what mod is being loaded.
-Other things I forgot to write down.

-Changed the way game resources are handled internally. Dynamically loading necessary resources. This:
–Significantly decreases ram usage while using mods. Testing with 33 mods ram usage went down down ten times from 7.1GB to 731MB
–Moderately decreases ram usage overall(Although this effect might be undermined by a lot of new data added in this update)
-Optimized internal texture copying which significantly speeds up changing equipment on devices that support it.
-Optimized text processing to use less memory and cpu.
-Significantly decreased the amount of draw calls for UI, which should result in better performance
-Updated live2d plugin. Better performance?

Bug fixes:
-Fixed halloween event only happening before halloween! We will see if it works next year
-Fixed a bug that caused bell choker to not appear in shops.
-Fixed a bug related to game’s path being to long
-Changed the way game internally handles textures transparency from straight alpha to premultiplied alpha. This fixed a couple of bugs related to the way transparency and multiple layered items and theoretically could improve performance.
-Fixed Annalie’s fingers going through her PC.
-Fixed a bug that caused game window to be a weird size if you had two screens first time you started the game.
-Fixed a bug that caused followers graph on cocktwitch stats website to not be saved properly.
-Optimized credits. Previously they would lag because the text was so long.
-Music off and on button in frick scene will not be visible if music volume is set to 0.
-Fixed a bug that caused some some conversations to disappear when they shouldn’t

-Better debug features allowing you to:
–Modify mod items textures at runtime
–Quickly add item from the equipment as opposed to having to go outside.
-Changed the way item textures are handled. Previously target model was selected for entire packed texture now you can make it different for different textures in the packed texture. Also you can select multiple target models on one texture.
-Above change also allowed me to create a new feature in mod creator “Optimize packed texture”, which automatically finds and combines textures with identical content. This will make it easier to make mods for things that repeat on multiple mods for example hair.
-Fixed a bug that caused some automatically generated mods to not work
-Removed useless data from mod packed textures that was used to serialize internal game textures.


v0.86.0 v2

Changelog: 0.088

682 total renders
8 total scenes
1 animation

Because of a bug accessing the new Halloween event requires you to change your device’s time. More info

New things:

  • New Halloween storyline. Decorate your room and go trick or treating with the bot.(Only available within 10 days before and after Halloween in real life)
  • If game crashes during loading it will remember that next time you launch it and ask you if you want to turn off mods.
  • Added a better error while trying to load mods as equipment sets.
  • Mods now will be inside of game’s folder on Windows and Linux. This also fixed a weird bug that caused mods to appear in the root of the drive.
  • Tweaked conditions for some clothes to make them easier to get.
  • Languages are now sorted by their name in English
  • You no longer have to wait for 8 hours between going outside with the bot.
  • Tweaked blowjob’s animation a bit.
  • Changed number of save slots from 36 to 40.

New Room Decorations:

  • Pumpkin Mat
  • Spider Plush
  • Bat Banner
  • Ghost Decoration

New Items:

  • Pointy ears, Hypercamo pointy ears
  • Bell choker
  • Tiny wizard hat
  • Pumkpin hairpin
  • Septum piercing
  • Septum pincher piercing
  • Striped socks


  • Fixed a couple of typos.
  • Fixed a bug that caused rich text to display inproperly in dialogue. For example custom clothing color in Annalie’s custom orders.
  • Added GC.Collect() into Application.lowMemory event. Might help with crashes related to game running out of ram on android.
  • Fixed a bug that caused left arm to appear in the blowjob scene even if it wasn’t equipped.


  • Added new drawables for modding “ModdableBack”(All models) and “ModdableBackLower”(Interaction model only). These two drawables cover the entire area behind the bot.

tiny bugfix 0.80.2
-Tweaked colors a bit so skin matches arm and leg better.
-Fixed a bug that caused streaming with slow mode to have less donations.
-Probably fixed a bug that caused hand to be stuck in headpat if bot started talking during headpats!

Changelog v.0.80:
-You can go outside with the bot now.
-About 70 pages of new events, dialogue etc. mostly related to going outside.
-More dialogues with the bot!
-New ending related to balls exploding!
-New ending related to bot being found!
-New fancy logo.
-New fancy menu.
-New better ahegao face.
-New art for Shanice(The nun)
-You can now headpat during missionary.
-Quality names reworked.
-Items with lower quality now have visible scratches etc.
-New fancy equipment screen:
–Save equipment sets and share them with people.
–Inspect bot’s details.
-Multicolor items:
–Hair now no longer needs two hypercamo hair modules.
–You can change each eye’s iris/pupil and sclera color separately.
–You can change cat ear fluff, outside color separately.
-New item: Sharp teeth
-New item: Sneakers
-New item: Plain sneakers
-New item: High-tech Hypercamo Skin
-New item: Long socks
-Items now have tiny icons!
-Slowmode for streaming, so you can enjoy comments even when you have a looot of followers.
-Better kissing and better headpats!
-You can order custom clothing in clothier shop.
-Room has been reworked!
-Light during sex scenes is affected by time.
-More comments
-More donations
-More news

Not interesting changes:
-New font for gui!
-Changed unity 2019 to unity 2020. Might fix some bugs and cause others.
-Changed textures from 4k to 2k. Might make it work on older android phones?
-If you try to end fricking while your cock is still inside of the bot, a popup will tell you to pull out first instead of the button just disappearing. (People thought they can only finish frick by dying.)
-Cumming no longer lets go of cock, so you can quickly get back to fucking afterwards!
-Saving a game on a slot with a note won’t make it disappear anymore.
-You can reorder items by grabbing and dropping them.
-Game will ask you if you really want to close it now.
-On android you can click back button to go back sometimes. For example you can close the browser. (A lot of people struggled with this)
-Tweaked stocks a bit!
-Save file exported from the game is no longer encrypted!
-Nice loading screen for webgl and a little loading screen in all versions.
-Better performance in general(maybe)!
-Better performance during streaming with a lot of viewers.
-Better balance?

Modding changes:
-Completely new system for items. Allowing items with multiple layers.
-Shoulder no longer disappears in doggy after you put on a shirt!
-New advanced mod generation menu(Will have to write a tutorial for it…)
-Most of the old mods will not work, because of the new system!

-Fixed a bug that allowed you to do doggy with just right leg.
-Fixed lingerie panties only appearing white.
-Fixed a bug that caused time to move during story events in pc
-Fixed a bug that caused you not to die after overdosing on endurance drug.
-Fixed a bug that would sometimes make mouse disappear if bot started talking while you were hovering mouse over her head.
-Popup asking if you really want to delete your save now has “Yes” “No” instead of just “Ok” ⊙﹏⊙
-Fixed disappearing cursor on Linux. (By disabling custom cursors, sorry Linux users…)
-Fixed scrolling in item lists
-Fixed a bug that caused clicking “F” to change full screen while input field was active.

v0.75 beta

-New shop “Clothier” and a new character with it “Lady Annalie”
-Plain t-shirt
-Plain panties
-Plain bra
-Plain stockings
-Cute bow
-Stripped panties
-Pleated skirt
-Lingerie stockings
-Lingerie bra
-Lingerie panties
-You can remove clothes during scenes(Useful for pesky clothes blocking the way!)

Big changes:
-Mods!(This was a LOOOT of work) currently mostly for making new clothes and consumable items, but will be expanded in future updates.

Small changes:
-You can now start the stream from the cocktwitch website.
-Events now activate instantly once you enter the room not after a minute in the room has passed.
-Things should now work faster.
-You can delete saves and add notes to them.
-You can export and load saves to/from file.
-Information on when you have to pay the rent in left upper corner.
-Mental health will be slightly more forgiving.
-Cat ears no long take the color of your hair. You can set them to any color you want.
-You can choose colors from default palettes in hypercamo items.
-Quality only shows for items that use it.
-Church story line will now always unlock. Even if you delay the event where you unlock it.
-New item: Hypercamo cat ears
-New item: Pixel glasses
-New dialogues
-New events

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug on android that would make the screen stretch on not 16×9 phones
-Fixed a bug that caused money to freak out at higher values.
-Fixed some things being dependent on number of frames.(Could find this bug thanks to a new faster PC!)
-Fixed some typos.
-Fixed some characters like “♥” not drawing properly
-Many smaller bugfixes

Hotfix changelog:

Small changes:
-You can change sensitivity in options.
-It’s now a bit easier to put it inside and pull out.
-Button allowing to reset all game data in options.
-Made Annalie fade out instead of disappearing.

Bug fixes:
-Made a safety measure for a bug happening when the path to the game is too long. Now game will tell you if the path is too long and close instead of dying after prologue.
-Fixed a bug that made it necessary to double click on bot on android.
-Fixed a bug that made food unlock on the 4th day instead of 2nd day.
-Fixed a bug causing cum leaking outside animation to be too fast.
-Fixed some typos.

v0.69 beta

An important note. Because of changes to saving system and save itself saves from previous update will NOT be compatible with this one.


Biggest changes:
-Completely new art for the bot. (She looks super cute now!)

Big changes:
-Reworked interaction scene.
-Reworked missionary scene.
-Reworked doggy scene.
-More dialogues with the bot.
-You can now also select what you want to talk about instead of getting a random one.
-Bot now has emotions.
-You can now kiss the bot. Everywhere. (yes even there)
-Food and hunger rework.
-New place outside: Food dispenser
-New events and endings related to hunger.
-New events and endings related to mental health.
-You can now throw away items and throwing illegal items might cause “fun”.
-Also a small storyline related to this.
-New website: Casino(Slots and blackjack minigames)
-New work minigame.
-Nicer GUI!
-Streaming has been buffed.

Small changes:
-Cum now doesn’t instantly disappear once you end the fuck scene and bot can comment on it.
-Tooltips appear once you hover over status bar elements.
-Couple new small websites.
-More comments and news.
-You can now equip hair using the “equip” button.
-Equipped items now have an effect on the viewership.
-Common items now stack and you can buy them in bulk.
-More items you can buy in the pharmacy.
-One new bot part.
-Some info for the completionists in the main menu.
-Credits in main menu.
-Increased number of save slots to 36.
-Email shortcut and unread email indicator in pc.
-Bot will now greet you when you start interacting
-Fucking now has sounds.
-More easter eggs.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug that caused you to metabolise food faster if your balls are bigger.
-Fixed a bug that caused you to be able to fuck with a flacid cock, which made it look like you had an invisible ghost cock.
-Many other bug fixes I forgot

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