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TriplePlay Games released a new game called Magic Contract and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Ahma and Philly, childhood friends but less than lovers, are suddenly confronted by the powerful Shimical. The two are noticed, and in order to get a recommendation to join a guild in the city, they challenge Shimical to a game he proposes. However, the game is played on the condition that if Ahma loses, he will give Philly to his mistress. Can Ahma win the game and protect her future and Philly?​

Developer: TriplePlay
File Size: 779.0 MB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English


H Types & Situations

This work has a lot of soft sex.
Forced exposure, shameful cosplay, outdoor masturbation, massage, photo session, etc.
The more the game and the relationship progresses, the more the sex goes into the real act with penetration…

With or without pubic hair.
In this title, you can choose whether or not the heroines have pubic hair.
You can choose whether or not to have pubic hair on your heroines, so you can enjoy the game according to your own ideal settings.

Basic System
In order to win the battle against Simical, move to various locations on the map and repeat conversations.
Then, make the necessary people join your team to increase your team’s overall strength.
It is also important to get the hints you need to win the game.

Outline of product version
About 30 basic CGs
More than 60 total H-scenes
7 endings
Recollection rooms are available (all can be opened by clearing any of the rooms)
Approximate playing time: 3-5 hours (depends on your reading speed.)

Game Screenshot:


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