My New Neighbors [v1.30][Rmaximus] – VisitMama

My New Neighbors [v1.30][Rmaximus] – VisitMama

Aria’s complete story

Aria’s pregnancy (optional)

Two new characters at the end of Aria’s questline

One event for Mira and one for Jean

One main story church event

The company, introducing Mira, Aria and Jean and introducing the church (scene with Gabi and Sonia)

Jessica’s full path and Aria’s partial path

There are a few bugs I’m aware and a patch is coming before Christmas, none of those are major.

Britney/Clare mini-story: talk to Clare at night in the mall and then with Britney at the mall.

Mavis, Angel and Karmen’s stories. Talk to each 3 times and then the events will start.

Size compression, the game is around 30% smaller but that means no update patch, everyone needs to download the full version.

Megan’s story
Heather’s TF and Chloe’s three other friends.

All Marta’s paths available
Marta’s Bimbo TF

Marta’s Bimbo TF

Michelle’s Story (3 body types)
Greta’s Story
The strip club
Three minor characters to interact with (one in the market and two in the club)

Rin and Hina in three different paths
Bug fixes

May and her three possible paths (Goth, Normal and Bimbo)
Bug fixes


Lily’s storyline
Some small bugfixes


  • Bug fixes
  • Ally’s story and Cammy’s last event
  • Cammy large chest and small chest
  • Phone revamp
  • some other small changes

Cammy content
One Grace scene
Introducing Liz and Valerie (Cammy content)
You can now sleep with Cammy
Lunch scene at Kate’s house
Chloe and Betty sexual interactions
Background music

Chloe and Betty’s corruption (5 levels each)
Britney’s introduction and one TF scene
Heather’s introduction
Lunch scene at Kate’s is a WIP

Kate and Lena’s story
Betty’s introduction
Kate’s home interactions with Betty, Chloe, Kate and Lena
Introduction of Sister Gabrielle and Knight Sonia from the church


– Maria’s submission path
– Maria and Kat move into MC’s house
– Intro scenes for Kate, Lena, Chloe, May, Rin, Megan, Marta and Alex
– Gym expansion (1 new area)
– Lilith’s second event
– One event for Lucy and one for Zoe


Maria’s Love path
Remade navigation UI
Remade Morningstar house with more places and a schedule for the girls
Interactions with Lilith
Lilith’s first story event
Cammy and Ally’s first story event
A small event for Grace after the neighbors return

Abby’s full content (2 routes)
Karen’s full content
Minor changes in the UI

Mary’s corruption (complete)
Kat’s Corruption (complete)
Maria’s Introduction
Ally, Cammy and Lilith are back
Morningstar’s house (WIP)
Ally and Cammy sex scenes
Random events: Lilith at the pool with Mary and Kat wake up scene (Corruption stage 4/ 10% chance)
Minor bugs fixed and change character name color.

My New Neighbors [v1.30][Rmaximus] – VisitMama

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