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Game: Highlight Free Download Six transmedial designers and storytellers decided to take the innovative transmedia theory to the game industry. The gameplay of this Indie puzzler is something players probably haven’t seen before. The experiment and goal was to create a transmedial game and Highlight is the proof of concept. About This Game Six transmedial

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Groove Coaster – Chururi Chururira

Game: Groove Coaster – Chururi Chururira Free Download About This Content J-pop music DLC for Groove CoasterTitle: Chururi ChururiraArtist: Dempagumi.incTOY’S FACTORY/DEARSTAGEDifficulty: Simple 4 / Normal 5 / Hard 10 / EXTRA 12BPM: 200 Game Groove Coaster – Chururi Chururira Download Groove Coaster – Chururi Chururira Trailer System Requirements Minimum: OS *: Windows7/8.1/10 (64bit) Processor: 2.0

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Claire – Soundtrack Free Download

Game: Claire – Soundtrack Free Download About This Content OST Track List:Claire – AnimalsClaire – Bear PowerClaire – DangerClaire – Game OverClaire – HeavenClaire – In the BlackClaire – Judgement DogeClaire – RunClaire – The ApartmentsClaire – The BasementClaire – The DarknessClaire – The FeelsClaire – The HospitalClaire – They’re ComingClaire – Title ScreenClaire –

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