Rebirth [v1.2.0 Pre-Release] Lewd_Studio Free Download

Lewd_Studio Games released a new game called Living Dolls: Rebirth and the version is 1.2.0 Pre-Release. The game’s story is about Living Dolls: Rebirth is a game in which you play as an artificial human being born of magic. Your objective will be to fight and have a connection with the inhabitants to increase your strength and create other dolls fully customizable to help you fight!​

Developer: Lewd_Studio
File Size: 2.88 GB
Version: 1.2.0 Pre-Release
OS: Windows
Languages: English



  • Add chest
  • Add more craft items
  • Add more potion and effect
  • Add Item tooltip Ui
  • Add new weapon
  • Rework early progress
  • Rework all price and shop
  • Rework effect potion (use multiple same potion will increase time not efficiency anymore)
  • Rework internal item Systems
  • Fix some bugs


  • Combat Systeme V2
  • Increase Shader quality
  • Mob drop money
  • Minor Map Improvement
  • Fix bugs


  • 10 New clothes Parts
  • Interaction System V2
  • Status System V2
  • Clothes physics improvement
  • Minor Map Improvement
  • Add news carrousel on main menu
  • Save bugs Fixing

Initial public release

Developer Notes:

Current Features:

  • Open world !
  • Sex scene
  • Full Customizable Character
  • Futanari
  • Kinky Npc
  • Beautiful World
  • AAA-Game Class Aesthetic
  • Sword Fight !
  • Crafts and XP

Planned Features:

  • New Species and furry !
  • Story Mode
  • Party with other Dolls
  • Dungeon
  • Quest System
  • Buyable / Upgradable House
  • Full Dub
  • More lands and places

Game Screenshot:


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