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Story Anon Games released a new game called Tropicali and the version is 0.4. The game’s story is about Babes, money and power. What else could you want in tropical paradise? Welcome to Tropicali! Where all your dreams can come true at the expense of everyone else! Come take over a famous resort owned by your late father! Earn tons of money by making other people do all the work! Aren’t you glad he’s dead?! Everyone else is! Promise women jobs and emotional security in return for [REDACTED]! Harvey Wein-who?! Like big tits, island girls and taking advantage of people’s trust? Then Tropicali is the game for you! Live in the moment, why wait?! Why have scruples, morals or integrity? That’s for losers without money, not you! Play Tropicali Today ™!

Developer: Story Anon
File Size: 1.72 GB
Version: 0.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English


Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Tropicali FAQ
Q: What is Tropicali?
A: Tropicali is a shitpost side project I got the idea for back in 2021 that over the past year and a half has turned into a real game. It’s a management game with a story, very different in tone from OoT.

Q: A second project? Won’t this take away time from OoT?
A: I’ve already been working on Tropicali since January of 2022 and in that time, I’ve put out monthly updates bigger than most developers 6-month updates. Maybe your typical sad sack of shit weg developer couldn’t do this, but I’m not your average developer.

My release schedule will not be changing due to Tropicali.

Q: Why is this a demo and not a 0.1?
A: Tropicali is designed first and foremost as a game and not a forever-milked VN, thus it’s meant to have a definitive end. While the last event isn’t in the demo, our idea is to finish the game and deliver it as a whole product. The demo will receive updates over the next year, but it’s just a stepping stone towards the full release of the game.

Q: How much content does the Tropicali demo contain?
A: The Tropicali demo has about 4000 renders and is roughly 40% of the planned main story content of the whole game.

Q: When will the full game be released?
A: Unless my patrons demand otherwise, I’ll be working on Tropicali during my downtime from OoT just like I always have been. If you want more Tropicali sooner, become a patron and tell me.

Q: Is there NTR?
A: No.

Q: Yeah, but what about this kind of NTR-
A: If you shit up my thread with more schizo NTR nonsense I’m going to bully you the way your (clearly) absent father should have.

Q: ACKSHUALLY since you steal girlfriends it’s netori-
A: Actually, you can lick my balls.

Q: Is NTR avoidable?
A: You can stay.

Q: But I hate game mechanics!
A: Fuck off and die. There are a million low effort pure kinetic novels on F95 made by talentless morons, please go try their games instead.

Q: Is this related to your other game and do I need to play anything else before it?
A: Tropicali does take place in the same universe as OoT and contains a few references to it, but you do not need to play it to get Tropicali. They are completely separate stories.

Q: Will you put in a fishing mini-game?
A: Die.

Q: Why is this FAQ so hostile?
A: This FAQ is written in the same tone as Tropicali, which is not necessarily a feel-good story all the time. There are choices that matter in Tropicali, but you will always be playing some sort of asshole.

Q: Can I rename the main character?
A: Yes, and I will make fun of you if you do.

Q: Where are the lolis uoooooooooh?
A: Die.

Q: Will there be pregnancy?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be an Android build?
A: I would strongly recommend just using Joiplay.

Q: What tags are in/planned?
A: Usual vanilla harem tag set up.

Q: Incest?

Q: Can I avoid X girl/Y tag?
A: You can avoid fucking every girl except one.

Q: Why do I have to fuck Mio?
A: Because fuck you. That’s why.

Q: Will Tropicali be on the same Patreon page as OoT?
A: For the moment, yes. If for some reason that changes, I’ll let you all know.

Q: I’m a patron, can I use my image requests/lightning rooster character requests on Tropicali?
A: Yes! Just let me know when you make the request.

Q: I am a retard who gets upset at lesbians in harems. Are you going to hurt me?
A: Actually no, the girls in Tropicali are only interested in the MC. But also kill yourself.

Q: Are there animations?
A: Yes! Thanks to local gigachad, Aeon.

Q: Where is the walkthrough/cheats/gallery unlock?
A: Git gud.

Game Screenshot:


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