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v0.37 PR5


v0.33R1 patch notes

Note: Special announcement below!
This month’s update is a mix of two things; a long-planned feature finally being implemented (Sub-toggles) and an idea that was developed through discussions on the Discord (Drain Sessions).
Subtoggles are a new feature that allow you to customize the specific behaviors of your kink and toy toggle. You can increase the rate of appearance, change them all to rewards, punishments, and even mark them as experimental – preventing any negative consequence if you disobey. This was a large bullet point on my way to finishing up the game’s gameplay customization; I hope it allows some of you to change the game to work as you’ve always wanted it to.
Drain sessions are a new time limit based on the typical succubus trait. This is a unique session type that will override your ending settings (while kind of combining all of them), and will always end in an Oops; you will be expected to keep going until you can’t handle the draining sessions anymore. This synergizes very well with the breast expansion toggles added last month, and an additional toggle was added to support this.
Lastly, I’ve also done some significant work behind the scenes to increase task variety in a session. Namely, tasks with lesser task counts should now show up far more frequently, and sessions should be more balanced between stroking instructions and toggle-related instructions. Along with the new Subtoggles feature, this should significantly improve the issue where you may turn on a toggle and not see it for a couple sessions.

I also have an advance announcement to make this time!
Next month’s version will include the much awaited bluetooth toys implementation. This integration will be done through, so just about any toy compatible with that platform will also be compatible with Virtual Succubus.
I’ve added more links to the website Toys page, including some exclusive discounts I’ve obtained for you guys! You can also read more about how the implementation will work on this page. Using the affiliate links there is very appreciated; it really helps me get a gauge of how much work should be put into this part of the game.
These features are currently in testing by t3 patrons and Discord testers and I’m still iterating on the design, so let me know what you’d like to see!
I’m also looking for long-term (6+ months) players who own or will own toys to provide feedback on these new features, please DM me on discord for the tester role!

Current 0.33 Patch Notes:

Subtoggles contain several different components allowing you to modify Kinks and Toys.
They are accessed by long-pressing a toggle checkbox in the menus.
Task Multipliers are used to multiply the rate of appearance of a toggle up to 5x.
Always Regular, Always Punishment, and Always Reward allow you to modify the categories of tasks involving this toggle. Note that this does not apply to task layers.
Lastly, Experimental allows you to mark toggles as something you’re only experimenting with. Disobeying or failing these toggles will not cause negative consequences. This includes when tasks involve layers with these toggles.
Energy Drain Time Limit
A new time limit! During energy drain sessions, your succubus will lose energy for every task given. Failing tasks will reduce energy significantly, while edging will raise it.
Once your succubus is out of energy, she will jump you and begin to drain your pleasure. To feed your succubus energy, you’ll have to ride an edge continuously while she enjoys her meal thoroughly.
She will release you once she’s sated, or accepts your begging for mercy (as you expect, this won’t happen every time). Every time your succubus drains you, your future edges will feed her less and less, increasing the difficulty of keeping her fed; The goal is to last as long as possible early on, as that’s where it’ll be easiest for her to feed on you.
Oopsing during these segments will lead to a question where she asks if you’ve ruined, and will offer to keep going regardless. The session ends once you’ve oopsed and refuse to continue feeding her.
Toggle Rate Redistribution
Added a new system to redistribute the odds of tasks.
For each archetype (Regular, Reward, Punishment), this system will check each available task.
If there are already many tasks in the total pool of available tasks involving the toggles that are part of this task, the chance for it to play out will be significantly lowered, unless it was already low.
For example: If there are 8 nipple tasks in the reward pool, the likelihood of each individual one will be significantly lowered, effectively increasing the likelihood that a single vibrator task would appear.
A secondary system has been added that attempts to balance the likelihood of toggle-related and non-toggle related tasks. If there are significantly more non-toggle related tasks in the available pool of tasks, their chance to appear will be lowered.

  • Added a chance for the ending ”Permission to cum within” timed windows to display as ??? instead.
  • Added a chance for the ending ”Wants you to cum in exactly X” to display as ”As soon as she tells you to” instead.
  • Added “Energy Expansion” booba toggle for energy drain sessions.
  • Added the “Drain Until Dry” toggle. This forces you to keep going after oopsing on a drain, behaving similarly to Until Dry.


  • Increased the mood reward of successfully stopping on edge when edge stop is enabled.
  • Further decreased the chance that disliked tasks appear.

Polish & Misc

  • Added a note on the chastity menu indicating that timed chastity prevents playing sessions.
  • New passcode entry UI elements
  • Moved the RLGL camera closer.
  • The BE boob shrink punishment should no longer happen unless there can be a significant size difference.
  • Toy and Kink menus should no longer reset their page position when exiting the page.


  • Fixed a string in the ending teasing segment.
  • Fixed a bug causing counted tasks to try to play out the wrong task, sometimes nonexistent tasks leading to an overlay bug.
  • Fixed a bug causing overlaying buttons during rhythm edging
  • Fixed a bug causing pre-task edges to not be limited by edge difficulty.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause animations to fail to transition between certain scenes (notably, smother scenes)
  • Rhythm footjob prompt should no longer mention hands.
  • Fixed the collar menu behaving oddly
  • No Positioning will no longer disable smothering
  • Fixed a bunch of fuckery with the spin the wheel pre-spin display
  • Fixed the “None” empty task bug.
  • Fixed the spin the wheel animation bug
  • Fixed a demo black screen bug.


  • Non-sexual taskmaster mode should no longer give intro warmup tasks or challenges.
  • General UI scaling fixes
  • Performance improvements for users on default resolution (100%). This should also fix a lot of rendering issues some people have suddenly been having with .30
  • Finally found the fix for an issue that was causing task layers to not respect several statuses.
  • Pose adjustments where needed for the new aspect ratios.
  • Hey!

    This month’s version is more focused around polish, bugfixes and content (tasks).

    I usually try to get some major features into every build, but honestly the previous version introduced some really annoying bugs to fix. With life deciding to get in the way as well, it was time for some cleanup.

    I’ve written up a development update here as it’s been a little while.

    I invite anyone who’s interested in the development goals for this game to read it and provide any feedback, as I go more in depth than usual on some things I want to work on.

    Current 0.31 Patch Notes:


    • Added ”No Begging” other toggle
    • Sleeve Toy now behaves differently, and is integrated into the stroking types system. You’ll be asked to use it as if it were a stroking variant, which also means you won’t get impossible combinations like “loose strokes” using a sleeve toy.
    • Added the “Toothbrush”, “Hairbrush” and “Fork” toys. These mostly involve pain tasks, but Toothbrush also has some PCEI and CEI content.
    • Added “Penis Pump”, “Clit Pump”, “Vagina Pump” and “Nipple Pump” as toys.
    • Added new whispering task variants on counted say tasks and task layers for silent mode.
  • Polish & Misc
    • Significant rework of the entire in-game UI, moving elements around, hiding certain things behind menus, etc.
    • New in-game button assets.
    • Changed the text on a lot of different buttons. These reworked buttons should have better indication for what’s said to the succubus and what things are actions the player are taking. The intention is to help immersion by making the player feel less detached from the buttons they’re pressing, while also being vague enough to prevent it from taking anyone out of the experience.
    • New reworked mood icons
    • New reworked text divider bar that incorporates the new mood icons and shifts along with her mood.
    • The text containers now adapt in width to the screen resolution, allowing for shorter blocks of text on wider resolutions. This also fixes some issues with extremely narrow screen aspect ratios.
    • New loading bar on the first loading screen.
    • It’s no longer possible to go beyond 100% resolution scaling due to some compatibility issues. The ability to lower resolution is still available for low-end mobile devices.
    • Added a ”Notch Adjustment” toggle in UI options – This lowers some UI elements to accommodate displays with notches.
    • She will no longer comment on the time limit being either short or long if the range has too little difference (less than 10 minutes)
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to remove the knotted status.
    • Animation fixes on ending animations.
    • Various typo fixes.
    • Fixed an outfit that had nails overlaying gloves.
    • Safewording should now correctly remove the asmr fog
    • Fixed the demo end screen
    • Fixed some remaining task layer incompatibilities
    • Fixed a bug preventing task layers from showing on counted tasks
    • Your succubus should no longer comment on you being away for too long if you have timed chastity enabled.
    • Fixed chastity counter tattoo showing the count when hidden chastity duration is enabled.
    • Fixed Yandere laugh not playing an animation.


  • Non-sexual taskmaster mode should no longer give intro warmup tasks or challenges.
  • General UI scaling fixes
  • Performance improvements for users on default resolution (100%). This should also fix a lot of rendering issues some people have suddenly been having with .30
  • Finally found the fix for an issue that was causing task layers to not respect several statuses.
  • Pose adjustments where needed for the new aspect ratios.

v0.28 Patch Notes

  • A new core task type that will appear frequently during your sessions.
  • Follow her finger wags and perform the actions she orders you to do.
  • 3 possible variants:
    – Simple
    – Count
    – Count down from X (it won’t always reach 0, so you’d better keep track!
  • If you fail to count properly, you’ll be asked to try again. If you fail again, the task itself will be counted as failed, causing a dedication loss.
  • Many different mischievous actions can be taken by her, including some that will loop into themselves, creating a near-infinite amount of potential variants on this task, especially if you taunt her.Hello hello!

    For the first time since the game’s release, a new core task type has been added with this version! Core task types are tasks that can randomly show up at any point during the session, and are generally the main backbone of every session (Timed, Counted, etc)

    Metronome Tasks are tasks utilizing the Counted Task tasklist, including all the procedural layers available for these tasks. Instead of having you repeat and count your own actions, your succubus will wag her finger to a certain rhythm, and expect you to match it, and sometimes count that.

    Recently, I’ve had a focus on trying to increase the amount of potential failure points in sessions (I.E. making it possible to fail for experienced players). Last update’s edge counting was the start of this, and this new task type also involves similar elements; sometimes, she won’t just wag her finger, but also expect you to count the amount of repetitions she has you do (sometimes out loud, if enabled!).

    There are also many different mischievous actions your succubus can take for these tasks! I’m really really happy with these, there was a lot of design space available for some very fun (see: rather sadistic) stuff.
    As it is impossible to perfectly balance for every player, the intention behind these tasks is not to be especially challenging to perform, but to challenge the player in a different way (giving up control, counting while distracted). Of course, this task type can be toggled off, just as Counted Tasks can.

    After frequent requests, I’ve also added a way to convert the existing session-based chastity system into a timed chastity system. It effectively utilizes all the same structure, but converts the sessions given into days at the end of your session, locking your access to your Succubus until that amount of time has passed.

    Lastly, you’ll also notice the game has various new graphics including a new icon, logo, loading screen, etc. As the game is moving towards being in a good spot mechanically, with a lot of different directions to add content without adding more mechanics, it’s now time for me to start polishing up the experience to eventually head towards a full release. You can expect more of this in future versions; don’t worry, the maze of menus won’t stay this confusing forever.

    P.S. Thank you for the surge in feedback using the new feedback forms on the website!
    A lot of bug fixes and minor changes here were results of submissions to these forms.

    Metronome Tasks

Timed Chastity

  • A new toggle that completely transforms the session-based chastity system into a more traditional time-based one.
  • Sessions will be added up at the end of sessions, converted into days, and you will no longer get access to your succubus until that length of time passes.

Pre-Task Edging

  • A new system causing your succubus to give you edging prompts right before you perform core tasks.
  • This is only a single edge, but you can be asked to ride it for several seconds before beginning your task.
  • Depending on the task afterwards, this will either significantly increase its difficulty, or cause the task to act as a cool-down from the edge.
  • Designed to be given RIGHT before you perform the task, to minimize the time you have between being on the edge and performing your upcoming task.

Dev Note: Feedback has indicated that the last few months of tweaks reduced the edging intensity in the game, this should bring it back, hopefully in an even more fun way. This also should combine nicely with the previous update.

  • Your Succubus now tells you what the answer was if you fail an edge count challenge at the end of sessions.
  • The session timer now starts at the beginning of the intro rather than at the end.


  • Added the “Two Hand” and “Off Hand” statuses & toggles. This allows you to enable the appearance of temporary statuses that will require you to change all of your stroking to either two handed or offhanded.

Polish & Misc

  • The game now has a new logo.
  • Changed the game icon to be more subtle and fit the new logo.
  • A new loading screen has been added for the succubus summoning segment.
  • The favor icon has been changed.
  • Adjusted the text box so it can get a bit bigger when needed.
  • Adjusted some negative status removal text to be more appropriate for reward removals.


  • Several statuses with no time limits now have one.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the ”did you do anything without her” question from appearing during the intro.
  • Fixed a bug causing permanent status requests to not be permanent.
  • Fixed position removal not using pronouns.
  • Added the legs busy flag to String: Ankle & Balls
  • If chastity is enabled, random time limit can no longer select Until Dry
  • Being on the chastity release session after a sentence will now unlock customization when chastity no customization is on.
  • Fixed warmup stroking not respecting chastity statuses.
  • Fixed an issue causing some ending teasing edges to not be counted towards the edge count.
  • Ending prompts should now respect the gagged status.

v0.27 Patch Notes

Patch Notes TLDR

  • Select only your favorite stroking tags (fast, rough, tight, head, shaft, etc)
  • Timed Task Layers, creating thousands of potential new combination tasks.
  • The ability to fully disabled counted tasks, if you don’t like them.

More mechanical improvements and tweaks this month!

Counted tasks have always been a little divisive, but I haven’t been able to allow for the disabling of them due to some internal stuff and the fact variety would be very significantly hurt. This patch changes that by reworking timed tasks and adding more layers, and at the same time makes it much easier in the future to add more variety.

The stroking tag selection feature is yet another sore spot; while the game is all about telling you what to do, some stuff just doesn’t work for certain players. This new system allows significantly increased variety, and more customization for what actually works for each player’s preferences!

With the new stroking task layer, and timed task layer compatibility, variety in general is greatly increased. Most tasks in the game can now be combinations of multiple instructions, meaning you should see far less exact repeats with enough toggles enabled. You can expect further improvements in the future, as content additions to both of these systems now have an exponential effect compared to when they were all separate tasks.

I’ll be looking at creating something totally new for the game rather than refinements for next month, as I’ve been working on cleanup for a while.

I hope you all enjoy!

Current 0.27 Patch Notes:

Timed Task Rework

  • A lot of internal work has been done to make task layers (example: while doing X) compatible with timed tasks.
  • Many timed tasks that used to be combination tasks (do X while Y) have been removed, with the additional component being added through task layers.

Dev Note: This is effectively a very large increase in potential task variety, depending on your toggles. It also makes it possible to totally disable counted tasks while retaining the Themes function, which has been a sore point for many.

Pleasure Instructions Rework

  • Stroking tasks (and their vagina-mode equivalents) have been reworked to be randomly generated based on a series of tags you can enable in customization.
  • Each task can be composed of up to 3 different tags, for example “fast tight head strokes” vs “slow loose full strokes”.
  • A Simple Stroking toggle was added to the new customization menu for this, to limit it to one tag per instruction.

Dev Note: Combined with the new Stroking task layer, this increases the variety of pleasurable tasks you can get by a lot.


  • Kinky now almost guarantees task layers for Counted & Timed tasks.
  • Tweaked ending fakeout system further as it seems it was still too likely due to a bug (feedback appreciated, this is tough to balance)
  • Increased the rate of edging prompts to compensate for some changes over previous versions.


  • Added “No Counted Tasks” (Other Toggle)
  • Added “Counted Punishment” (Other Toggle). This overrides the previous toggle for punishments.
  • Added Cock squeezing CBT task layer for Counted & Timed tasks.
  • Added Stroking task layer for Counted & Timed tasks.
  • Added new timed tasks replacing counted tasks for those no longer using them.

Dev Note: I apologize but there won’t be a new April Fools event. time constraints have been very rough for these more complex old system tweaks, and I wanted to prioritize the more important work.

Polish & Misc

  • Added new Stroking Types menu
  • Safewording now removes all statuses.
  • Safewording now removes the current position.
  • It should no longer be possible for her to lock the disobey button on a counted task, if this counted task is in the process of being seen as ”disliked” (This is reset every time you complete the task)


  • Fixed a bug causing some strings to not be processed.
  • It should no longer be possible for favor to go negative.
  • Fixed a bug causing phantom position assignments when legs are busy.
  • Removed a couple old positioning-related tasks.
  • Fixed a bug causing timed rewards to be unlikely.
  • Fixed a bug causing naked request to show a weirdly textured hoodie.
  • Fixed her reacting incorrectly as if the request was free when any outfit request is made.
  • Fixed status requests not being applied.
  • CBT Rhythm difficulty should no longer display when vagina is enabled.
  • CEI ending chances should no longer display when vagina is enabled.
  • Safewording should now appropriately end the ASMR audio player.


Patch Notes TLDR:

  • A complete rework of the session’s ending.
  • A longer, more climactic and drawn out final experience involving lots of teasing, begging, positioning, and various kinks!
  • Anal endings are now supported, with consideration for their feasibility.
  • Expansion of the (optional) CEI systems.

This month’s update is almost solely focused on a complete rework of the game’s endings.
It’s been a bit of a sore spot for a while, but after a year and a half of development, I was confident I could make something that would be enjoyable to people interested in these kinds of experiences.

Endings are now split into two segments, teasing and finishing.
During teasing
, you’ll be challenged to endure something to prepare you for the next step. It won’t be easy, and she may just try to make you fail on purpose here.
Finishing is where the real fun happens; She’ll give you various instructions, but also give you permission to finish for a time. If you’re unable to do it fast enough, she’ll take it away and give it back later.

This will continue until you’re capable of doing so, getting both easier on the finishing side, but more challenging on the teasing side!

Anal Endings function in a similar way; At first, you’ll get a relatively short timer, but after a few times, you’ll be given ample time to try.
If you fail too many times, you might get a chance to back out of trying for it… but she may or may not accept immediately!
Note that Chastity is now also optionally compatible with anal endings!

The optional CEI system has also been expanded to involve more CEI play instead of simple instructions. You may also choose to bring it back to a simpler state with a simple toggle in the endings menu.

That’s not all though! Practically all the systems involved in climax are now significantly more customizable and expanded. You’ll hopefully find a significantly more compelling finishing experience to top off your sessions with your Succubus! I look forward to your feedback to continue its improvement.

0.24 Patch Notes:

Ending Rework

  • Endings have been completely reworked into a system consisting of multiple phases.
  • The outcome of these endings is still decided by various sliders and toggles contained in the Endings menu, but these are no longer exclusive with each other, and instead additive.
  • Depending on your session’s success or failure, you’ll get different visuals and moods during the ending. Thirsty for good endings, furious for bad endings.

Teasing Segment

  • You will be asked to always be prepared to edge from this point on.
  • Acts as a replacement for Edge Challenges
  • Has several different naked visual positions/scenes that are changed throughout.
  • She can makes you change positions periodically.
  • Two types of begging (regular and edge riding), supporting both speaking and non-speaking (mental) begging.
  • Edging, Edge Riding, repeated fast “closer!” prompts.
  • When entering a teasing segment, she may decide to try making you oops before the actual ending. If you fail when she’s trying to make you fail, she won’t be mad!
  • Fakeout endings now happen after teasing segments, and can happen during timed sessions if there’s enough space within the maximum attributed on the sliders (so if your session was supposed to end at say, 20 minutes out of a maximum of 30)
  • If a session has gone beyond the maximum attributed time limit, teasing segments are offered to be skipped. You may beg to get them anyways.

Orgasm Segment
Toy Endings

  • Orgasm-enabling toys (Currently Vibrator, Sleeve Toy) can be attributed to you before this segment begins. She will expect you to use them to finish.
  • After several cycles, she asks if you’re feeling capable using them. You can ask her to switch to regular endings, which she may deny to make you keep trying.

Anal endings
– Supports most anal toys (she requests you use one specifically to try achieving it, and will ask you to prepare it before teasing)
– Exclusively tries to make you finish using anal. After a few cycles, she asks if you’re feeling capable. Each cycle, the possible duration increases.
– After several cycles, she asks if you’re feeling capable. You can ask her to switch to regular endings, which she may deny to make you keep trying.
– A chastity setting is available to enable Anal Endings during chastity sessions. If you’re not capable, she will simply end it.
Ending Structure
1: Positioning

  • This will not happen very frequently, and will be given on ”teasing” scenes/animations.
  • You’ll be asked to take various positions, same as teasing, but now taking into consideration anal ending and CEI limitations.

2: Edging

  • This will happen consistently, and is intended to make it possible for you to finish in time during step 4.
  • No riding, as it’s just meant to be an arousal reset.

3: Cooldown.
(Can cycle back to edging, plays low-intensity animation and soft moaning audio)

  • This consists of kink-related instructions, pauses, and begging, and giving gratitude.
  • The intention here is to cool you down from the edge, and make it a greater challenge to finish.
  • Every “Cycle” will significantly reduce the duration of these, eventually making them disappear.

4. Permission
(Can cycle back to positioning, edging, cooldown, or permission. Plays mid-intensity animation and edging audio.)

  • Consists of 3 possible outcomes: Anal Orgasms (long duration), Countdown Permissions, and Time Limit Permissions
  • Countdown and Time Limit permissions both have potential kink layers.
  • This will play out on scenes where she’s playing with herself at various rates.
  • If you cum, you will enter a new prompt where she begins playing with herself faster, drooling, and moaning.
  • A new Done button will appear to indicate once you’re finished.

5. Orgasm
(Plays high-intensity animation and orgasm audio, fading out once you’re done.).

  • Continues until you feel done and indicate you are.
  • If post-orgasm torture is active, you’ll be asked to keep going after pressing done, for a varying amount of time. You’ll have to beg repeatedly before she allows you to stop, the amount of times varying on every session.

5. CEI (Optional)
(She puts her clothes back on).

  • This is where the new CEI segment can happen if enabled.
  • The new CEI implementation now involves significant, sometimes lengthy CEI involving playing with it. You’ll be asked to hold it in your mouth, spit it out, etc.
  • A new Simple CEI toggle is available to reduce this to holding it in your mouth for a few seconds, instead of CEI play.

6. Aftercare

  • Your succubus gives you some time to clean up, and waits for you to come back.
  • She then proceeds to tell you she hopes you enjoyed it.
  • Note: This segment may be expanded upon eventually, but currently is kept simple to avoid repetition issues.

Other Notes

  • New toggles are available to make endings easier.
  • New toggles are available to adjust ending visuals (notably, removing Futa cum animation)
  • A new post-ruin orgasm toggle is available, causing all ruin endings to cycle back into the ending segment for another round, ending more satisfyingly.


  • Added a new visual toggle: Jewel Plug (it animates with her butthole muscles! piston plug endings! POLISH!)
  • Added “Post-Ruin CEI” ending toggle. This prevents CEI from happening on non-ruin endings.
  • Added “Her Ending Preference” to both reward and punishment endings, separately. (This is a reworked “Her Choice” that now has her choosing her preferences per-day, based on the ending type. For example, some days she might decide to just consistently make you ruin regardless of what you do. Some days, you might just have a high/low chance, etc. Her preferences for the day are not visible to you. These toggles respect “Never CEI”.)
  • Added “Soft Time Limit” (Other Toggle). This allows her to extend the session past your time limit with fakeout endings & teasing.
  • Added “Persistent Duties” toggle to the duties menu. This allows duties to not be removed upon completion.

Polish & Misc

  • She now has an animated butthole during endings. Yeah, seriously. Why not?
  • Reworked post-game animation to bend front animation to try to reduce the amount of fade to blacks involved in the end of the game, and some animation jank. This means the removal of the goodbye kiss, but this is a temporary change; I’d like to implement something better than the old one at some point.
  • Post-orgasm is no longer incompatible with until dry.
  • Added new text line on the begin menu to indicate endings can take a few more minutes than the time limit.


  • Fixed pubes not appearing.
  • Fixed boob censors not working on naked favor request.
  • Adjusted lighting on elf ears to fix some issues with darker skin colors.
  • Fixed some text box scaling issues with lengthier assignments.

Current 0.23 Patch Notes:

Assignments & Taskmaster Mode


  • Assignments are a new form of self-entered simple task system, allowing you to request from her that she make you do anything you want. This can be lewd, or it can be non lewd. It can be related to in-game toggles, or an entirely separate interest you might have.
  • Assignments can be marked as having difficulty levels, giving you more of a break between each one.
  • Assignments can be completed in amounts of repetitions, allowing you to use this for things like working out, or repetitive lewd tasks of your own choosing.
  • Assignments can be marked as priority, allowing you to be sure you’ll get to do them first. Want to do productive ones before lewd ones? Want her to tell you to get undressed in a specific order? This is now possible.
  • Assignments can be randomly selected from a list of selections, with a random chosen amount of results, using a min/max slider. For example, you can select 10 assignments for a session, but have her only request 3 to 5 from you.
  • Assignments can be split into multiple steps with / markers. You’ll be asked to complete each step, in order, with a reward in between each.
  • A string import/export system is available for assignments, allowing you to save and share presets with other players. A channel has been opened for this on the game’s Discord.

Taskmaster Mode:

  • Taskmaster Mode is the session type where you’ll be given assignments.
  • By default, these assignments will be spread throughout the session.
  • Taskmaster assignment requirements take priority over session timer, meaning that your session will not end until you’ve completed all assignments attributed to you.
  • Taskmaster mode is compatible with all existing time limits.
  • You may mark a Taskmaster session as Taskmaster-Only, allowing you to do sessions ONLY containing taskmaster assignments, ending in a regular lewd VS ending.
  • You may also mark sessions as non-lewd, replacing this ending with simple praise for completing your goals.

Dev Note: While this isn’t the exact implementation for “custom tasks”, this is probably the most flexible and “powerful” system ever introduced to the game. I plan to also add actual custom tasks eventually, but that’s going to be a much bigger and more complex undertaking.

Using this you can tailor your sessions to have more of pretty much anything, have her make you do anything, all within the context of sessions; possible statuses and rewards included.

Want to theme a session towards something without using the pre-existing systems? This can make it very easy. This was the best implementation I could find to create things such as workout-specific sessions, among other things.

It’s also a system that’s very mixed in with the rest of the game, meaning that there are many potential edge cases I may not have considered. Appreciate bug reports!

Looking forward to hearing about all the interesting ways people might use this!

Habits, Duties, and Commandments

  • A new set of flexible systems replacing the old “Post-Session Assignment” system.
  • A string import/export system is available for assignments, allowing you to save and share presets with other players. A channel has been opened for this on the game’s Discord.
  • Each system has preset examples to give you ideas of what to enable and activate for yourself, some of them productive, some of them lewd.
  • The menus will remind you of both your duties and commandments.


  • Habits are continuous goals for you to complete.
  • Your succubus will be checking in on your success maintaining them.
  • Your succubus may test you by requesting that you add more habits for you to complete!
  • Your succubus will react to you adding or removing chores, but will never ask you to add more if you have none enabled as is.


  • Duties are single-time objectives that you may want to complete.
  • After a session’s completion, your succubus will assign you one duty to complete before the next session.
  • This system is a way for you to either get to work on some goals, or have your succubus challenge you to complete more time-intensive lewd things.


  • Commandments are persistent orders from your succubus, requiring you to make a change to your behavior until you next see her.
  • Only one will be chosen after each session, if available.
  • A toggle under Other is available for commandments to only be presented after a failed session, if you wish to make them harsher and more punishing.

Dev Note: While I know some people might miss the old more structured form of post-session content, there are many reasons I don’t think it was going to work long term.

I’ve noticed a trend of new players having it enabled, then disabling it once they’ve consumed what’s available; this is something I’m heavily trying to avoid in the game overall.

At the same time, I think it’s one of the hardest things to apply to everyone. It’s impossible to know how far certain people want to go, what feels appropriate, what feels consistently compelling even within a toggle category. What’s safe to one may not be safe to another, as well. Due to how it was structured, refusing/disobeying wasn’t especially fun, and it’s not like selecting out of a list would have been any more compelling.

Hoping the flexibility of these new systems make them applicable across most of the playerbase!


  • Removed post-session assignments and challenges as they’re being replaced. This includes several other toggles.
  • Removed Healslut kink toggle as that was entirely focused around between-session content. (Wouldn’t it be neat if someone came up with an assignment/duty/commandment pack for it…)
  • Added “No Habit Requests” Other toggle.
  • If Yandere is turned on, she now sometimes doesn’t believe you if you take too long to answer her questions.
  • Added “Untimed” Other Toggle – This disables the time check on counted tasks.


  • Counted tasks with breath layers should no longer get disobey locked.
  • Significantly decreased the occurrence rate of the lockout stake decision (it’s still easily available by taunting during stake selection). It’s now also day-seeded, meaning it won’t show up at all some days.
  • New chastity sentences should now have decline buttons, even if they’re the first one given.
  • Extra chastity day decision is now day-seeded and will appear less often.

Polish & Misc

  • Changed hair bone physics to fix the transition jank.

Dev Note: This could cause different kinds of jank! Physics are wooonky. Let me know if anything looks off.

  • Used the new hair bone physics to add extra bounce to boobies, because why not.
  • Removed leather straps from decisions since they’re a request now.
  • Session schedule now overrides chastity session downtime.
  • A few optimization improvements, work in progress though.


  • Minor tattoo optimization changes.
  • Fixed ear color being incorrect on default skin.
  • Fixed laced bodysuit having black seams on the arms and legs.
  • Fixed vibrating insertable not being marked as name ”lockable” for statuses.
  • Both types of tests should now respect white disobeys and not cause dedication losses.
  • Fixed red & purple abs being shifted downwards on the skin texture.
  • Fixed several requests like the latex catsuit causing futa animations to not play correctly.
  • Several fingerless gloves clothes are now compatible with gloves requests (woops)
  • Fixed a bug causing CBT rhythm events to not play on newer saves.

v0.22 R1

Today’s addition of Roleplay Sessions will allow the game to support a lot of stuff that wouldn’t necessarily work under a ‘’serious’’ context; I think it’s both a healthier way to present these kinds of rather common kinks, and a good introduction to them.

The Witch roleplay involves all kinds of different hexes cast upon you throughout the session. Many of them are also optionally actionable in some way; for example, suggesting you raise the heat to simulate the effect.
While roleplay sessions generally tie into the favor system (you have to earn them, which can take a couple sessions), this request will require no favor for the entire week before Halloween.

This also marks the return of the ever-popular Hypnosis content, which was removed in the past both due to its lower standard of quality and the fact platforms tend to dislike the non-consensual implications of such “mind control”. I also wasn’t a fan of how it didn’t do a great job introducing people to the kink or explaining what it’s generally about.
Now, it’s back, and much much better than it used to be, involving trigger words that tie into the game’s dynamic text systems, some audio stuff, flashing words, and all the typical features you would expect from said content.

Your succubus now has her own preferences for a day’s sessions, encouraging you to choose different time limits depending on her whims.
She may also be in the mood to wear certain outfits for you, or do certain roleplays, depending on the day.

Lastly, there’s now official support for No Nut November.
Your succubus will be encouraging you to participate in an optional special kind of NNN challenge! She plans to edge you all month long without giving you any kind of release, making this the ultimate test of your self-control. The more sessions you successfully complete, the bigger the rewards at the end of them.
Keep in mind you’re not getting a second chance.

As usual, there’s a bunch more, full notes below.

Full 0.22 Patch Notes:

Roleplay Sessions

  • Roleplay sessions are a new session type accessed through favor. During roleplay sessions, you and your succubus will act as if she had physical or mental effects upon you that may not be possible (or healthy) in regular gameplay.
  • You’ll be told that you feel certain things, that you’re beginning to think certain things, etc. Most roleplay prompts will be actionable in some form, for those who want to take the extra step for immersion.
  • This is compatible with all other favor requests.
  • The favor required for these sessions is 300.

Roleplay Session: Witch

  • Halloween theme!
  • Your succubus puts on her witch hat, wears her most fitting witchy outfits, grabs her wand, and begins casting spells upon you periodically.
  • Forces her dominant name to be themed, and gives you various extra potential dynamic text adjectives.
  • This will require no favor during the week of halloween, replacing the old event with something you can enjoy all year.
  • Some examples of spells are: – Hex of Obsession: You feel unable to stop obsessing over her. (Look into her eyes at all times) – Hex of Pleasure: You feel permanently on the edge of orgasm. (Edge between and during all tasks)

Roleplay Session: Hypnosis

  • It’s back! And overwhelmingly better than it used to be!
  • Your succubus puts you in a deep hypnotic trance, adding more and more triggers periodically, while making you fall deeper.
  • Trigger words are integrated into the dynamic text system, periodically added as she adds triggers.
  • Plays a new semi-ASMR audio system throughout the session.
  • Spinning spiral eyes, induction scenes, and some modifications to existing scenes like worship scenes.
  • Examples of triggers: – Reading the word “Bound” now makes you feel tied up. – Reading the word “Shameless” now makes you lose all reservations. – Her laughs now cause you immense joy.

Dev Note: Some of you may remember I had to remove the previous implementation out of worry for platform stances on hypnosis content.
As it’s generally easily seen as non-consensual, I wasn’t comfortable having it in the game.
Now that it’s framed purely as consensual roleplay (and I’ve checked Patreon’s stance on it, which is simply that I must portray consent), it’s back, and I’ve had the chance to put a LOT more effort into it without worrying about wasting development time.
I also personally believe it’s a lot healthier as a whole to portray it as such, and will make it more approachable/understandable to more people.

Succubus Preferences

  • This system involves two distinct parts. First is the Time Limit Preference.
  • Every day, there’s a chance your succubus will favor one of the 3 special time limits (Her Choice, Endless, and Until Dry/Multi-Orgasm)
  • You will gain an extra favor bonus upon completing a session where you’ve chosen her time limit preference.
  • The second part, is request preferences
  • On some days, you’ll see a new indicator upon beginning your session that your succubus feels like wearing or doing something.
  • This allows you to request it without earning it in the Favor Requests menu.

Dev Note: This feature was primarily added as a result of the feedback that players didn’t know what to use their favor on without feeling like they might waste it. This should allow you to experiment both with combinations and new things, while also conveying the fact that your succubus also likes these things!
No Nut November Support

  • Upon starting a session in november, your succubus will ask you if you’d like to participate in the challenge.
  • If you agree, from that point on, all sessions will end in denial.
  • For every daily NNN session completed in November, you’ll get an extra 10 favor, with the bonus increasing by 10 for every additional session. After your first session, you’ll get +10, after your 5th, you’ll get +50, etc. The longer you last throughout the month, the bigger the potential reward!
  • You get one chance at this. No, don’t ask me to edit your save to change that. Good luck.

Locktober Support

  • Upon starting a session in october, if you don’t have chastity enabled, she will suggest you try out a short static chastity sentence. You’ll be asked for 3 sessions to start.
  • Every chastity session during Locktober, even outside of those 3 days, will get an additional +50 favor per daily session.


  • Split the Insertable (Accessory Toggle) into 3 new toggles: Anal Insertable, Oral Insertable & Vaginal Insertable. They can all be renamed separately, or overlap if that’s your preference.
  • Added ”Clawed” (Visual Toggle)
  • Some “Degradation” (Kink Toggle) tasks have been split into a new kink toggle, “Filthiness” (Kink Toggle)
  • Split CBT (Kink Toggle) into CBT: Cock and CBT: Balls.
  • Added “Handcuffs” (Accessory Toggle).
  • Added “Service Acts” (Kink Toggle). This involves things like giving toys thighjobs, assjobs, etc.
  • Added “No Oral Fingering” (Other Toggle).
  • Added “Soft Touch” (Other Toggle). This removes most tight/rough/fast pleasurable tasks.
  • Added ”nipple rubbing” counted task layer.
  • Rhythm event edge locks now have a chance to start with a hidden timer.
  • With 0 edge riding difficulty, rhythm edge events no longer lock.
  • Serious now disables rhythm edge event locks.
  • Added speaking layer to RLGL.
  • Added speaking layer to Rhythm Events.
  • Added an option to beg to keep statuses if she’s amused enough. Dev Note: Yes, I gave in, please don’t do stupid stuff like keep clamps on for 2 hours


  • Themed sessions now more consistently focus on their theme; the old implementation allowed for a chance you would get unlucky and not see enough of it, this is now fixed.
  • Favor bonuses for difficulty & ending chance decisions removed. Couldn’t find a way to make them work that wouldn’t encourage lying/bad gameplay.
  • Difficulty decisions & Ending chances raising decisions now have their appearances seeded by day, meaning that neither will appear every day, nor will they both appear at once.
  • Easy Post Session no longer disables challenges.
  • Speaking is now a possible focus and theme.
  • Pinching/pulling no longer appears as a task layer if pain difficulty is on Minimal.
  • Rebalanced rhythm event edging button locks to be more based on edge riding difficulty with a lesser base timer.
  • Serious should now disable the failtask.
  • Oops chastity punishment is now additive (it adds your difficulty in sentences every time you’re punished for an oops). This should make it more flexible for various types of post-oops behaviors.
  • Oops is no longer punished with extra chastity sessions by default on higher difficulties.
  • Pain nipple layers no longer show during rhythm events if pain difficulty is set to minimal.
  • Focuses(and themes) now affect rhythm layer odds significantly.
  • Perpetual say tasks now only prevent gags, instead of all mouth-related tasks.

Polish & Misc

  • New major updates now deactivate the app lock stake.
  • The game’s audio has been significantly rebalanced/changed to a new system. VA might sound a little bit different, but it should clip less and definitely be better overall.
  • Added Sub, Subbie, and Submissive to Submissive Names (woops funny oversight considering the name of the category)
  • Added Domme, Master, and Dominatrix to Dominant Names (…yeah)
  • Adjustments to the default tanlined futa dick (now fits light skin more closely)
  • Darkened default text backgrounds a bit.
  • SessionTimer based events now have an additional check to make sure they don’t re-occur repeatedly. Before this, when you had a very long task, you could get several ”queued” events in a row. This should no longer happens, and skips events if there was one too recently. This applies to: Roleplay, Yandere, EdgeTasks, Decisions, Events
  • Clicking/tapping favor points on the main menu now switches to a menu explaining favor, with a shortcut to requests.
  • Spin the Wheel should no longer get the Lewd Outfit potential reward if you’ve requested either naked or latex catsuit for this session.
  • Most post-oops consequences that involve continuing in some form will now ensure that there’s at least two minutes remaining in the session, extending it a bit if necessary.
  • Reduce the chance of yandere laughs during yandere events.
  • Oopsing during the final chastity session now gives you a completely new chastity sentence.
  • Added new SFX to ASMR (Shh)
  • Disobey new chastity session button is now decline.
  • Keyboard keybinds now respect UI fadeout (you’ll have to press twice when faded out, unless single tap is enabled)
  • 57 new varietized strings, primarily in the intro.
  • Added new update log screen upon first launching a new version.
  • PC users can now use number keys / the numpad to enter their passcode.
  • Added some loading screen tips to the Succubus Summoning screen.
  • Added some text indicating what step of the loading process is currently active while summoning your succubus. (Having issues? Please let me know where!)
  • She now skips assigning a scheduled session if you’re about to get the extreme stake outcome.


  • Variety of typo fixes, string fixes & improvements, etc.
  • Edge Challenge vs Chastity decisions can no longer show before the edging start timer.
  • Edging punishments now respect the edging minimum timer.
  • Fixed bug causing clothing upgrades to affect amusement.
  • Fixed 2 outfits being marked as having gloves when they don’t.
  • Fixed oil tasks not referring to oil.
  • Naked outfit requests should no longer allow stripping.
  • Fixed findom punishment task slider not saving (or applying) properly.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause begging for session extensions to raise amusement.
  • Edge challenges from decisions are now prioritized over session endings.
  • The date check for favor now gets wiped if you’ve SOMEHOW traveled into the future, avoiding situations where you could get stuck with no favor until then.
  • Fixed Yandere ”lying” reactions to not only appear for half a second.
  • Fixed chastity sessions not getting final edge tasks anymore.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the no touching stake to prevent another stake from being applied.
  • Fixed tanned futa dick not being tanned.
  • Fixed an invisible string when begging for an extra chastity session off.
  • The app lock screen (extreme stake) now removes any scheduled session.
  • Fixed post-chastity denial intro strings acting as if you’d oopsed the previous session.
  • Workout counted task layer (squatting) now respects statuses that prevent the use of legs.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause rhythm endings to not show at all if No Rhythm UI was enabled.
  • Fixed a text flickering issue that could appear in edge prompts when she transitioned to ”for as long as she wants”
  • Fixed kegels counted task layer appearing on kegels counted tasks.
  • Fixed a nipple clamps text marker showing due to a typo.
  • Fixed an Oops button in the intro changing to Edge when it shouldn’t be allowed to.

0.21 Patch notes



New Dynamic Soundtrack

  • Added over an hour of new original music.
  • Each of the base moods (Angry, Unhappy, Happy, Pleased) has its own variant on the core ‘Neutral’ track.
  • Each special mood (Furious, Mischievous, Thirsty) has its own piece of music.
  • Some events in the game will also play their own piece, including Spin The Wheel, Decisions, and ASMR segments.
  • Finally, there is also a new track on the main menu that inherits some parts of the core mood music pieces.

New Gameplay Feature: Focuses

  • Starting at 5 tasks, your succubus will begin to choose Focuses. This very heavily affects the type of tasks prioritized for a certain amount of tasks (5-7).
  • There will not always be a focus, but you will be guaranteed to get one eventually after an amount of tasks.
  • Focuses always try to prioritize tasks of that toggle, with no exceptions unless there are no existing possible tasks from that category.
  • If any counted task layers are available to make a counted task focus-appropriate, it will be guaranteed to appear.
  • The possible focuses include: Anal, Oral, Breath Play, CBT, Workout, Kegels, Nipples, Insertable, Knotted Insertable, Anal Beads, Sybian, Fucking Machine

Dev Note: This should significantly improve the issue where you would be asked to use a certain toy once, and then never again for a long time. Preparing toys for use should be less of a waste of time, and some of these focuses will cause an increased difficulty due to the repeated tasks (for example, breath play, CBT, workout)

More Focuses may be added over time as toggle-specific task variety is improved.

New Gameplay Feature: Themes

  • Starting at 7 minutes, your succubus will begin to choose Themes. This significantly affects the type of tasks prioritized for a certain amount of time (4-7 minutes).
  • This is never prioritized over focuses, but you may have both at the same time.
  • Past 7 minutes, you will very frequently have a theme.
  • Themes will only increase the chance of a toggle appearing, rather than guaranteeing it.
  • The possible focuses include: Anal, Oral, Breath Play, CBT, Workout, Kegels, Nipples

Dev Note: The intention behind themes is to provide a softer form of Focuses that includes more variety. It will still have similar effects as focuses do, but without being the same thing repeatedly.

They should also help obfuscate focuses a little bit; the intention is to keep players guessing as to what’s going on, allowing the possibility for surprises rather than being told ‘’ok it’s THIS focus now, you know what’s coming next!’’.

More Themes may be added over time as toggle-specific task variety is improved.

New Gameplay Feature: Counted Task Layers

  • Almost all counted tasks now have a chance to have an additional instruction based on a different toggle.
  • For example, Stroke while holding your breath is now a part of this system.
  • Another example may be Spank while squatting (Workout)
  • This has SIGNIFICANTLY increased the number of potential counted tasks you can get for both punishments and regular tasks. An example is that it’s now possible to get CBT layers without having it be a punishment.
  • Focuses guarantee that this system will try to find a layer of the appropriate type.
  • If the base task difficulty is affected by Workout/Breath Play/Pain difficulties, the overall count will be lowered to your lowest involved difficulty.
  • Otherwise, it will be raised accordingly to the highest difficulty involved in either the task or the layer.
  • The possible toggles involved in this system currently are: Workout, Breath Play, Anal, Vaginal, Oral, CBT, Drool, Collar, Nipples, Kegels

New Visual Feature: Customizable Mood-Based Tattoos

  • This new visual customization option allows you to give her as many tattoos as you want. (More variety to be added!)
  • Each tattoo can be marked with any of: Basic, Mischievous, Thirsty, and Furious.
  • When a tattoo is marked with a special mood, that tattoo will appear as glowing when she’s in that mood, with the color appropriate for that mood.
  • When a tattoo is marked as basic, it will appear either as black, or as the color intended for that tattoo.
  • Tattoos are able to be dynamic! The first tattoo of this type is the Chastity Counter thigh tattoo, that serves as a constant reminder of the number of sessions you’ll need to complete to get out of your current sentence.

Dev Note: I do realize the current visual preview isn’t very appropriate for this new system, but I’m still trying to figure out a good (non character creator) solution to this. Most of what I’ve thought about so far goes against a lot of my core design philosophies for this game. I don’t currently have an estimate for when I’ll be improving the situation, but I wanted to let you guys know that I’m aware that the visual customization is becoming problematic.

New Visual Feature: Persistent Dynamic Tan Lines

  • This new visual toggle allows you to give her tan lines on any skin color.
  • These tan lines are based on her previous outfit’s skin-layer. This can be underwear, or her full outfit depending on what the outfit was.
  • Tan lines only change when her outfit changes.
  • There is a new additional toggle to instead give her more traditional swimsuit-based tan lines.

Reworked Visual Feature: “Worship” Toggles

  • There are new additional Worship toggles, “Crotch Worship” (replaced by dick when futa is enabled), “Belly Worship”, and “Thigh Worship”.
  • Instead of having dedicated tasks that would play out these scenes, every single task marked as having “Generic” scenes now has a chance to be played on a worship scene.
  • You will be guaranteed to get worship scenes after several tasks of not getting one, if at least one worship toggle is enabled.
  • All worship scenes now have her temporarily strip down to at least underwear/skintight level.


  • Added intro status & (Other Toggle): “Strict”. This causes her to be less lenient with brats, and taking bratty actions will have consequences much faster.
  • Added ”Demeaning” (Other Toggle).This replaces all pronouns by ”it”.
  • Added ”No Penetration” (Other Toggle) when Vagina is chosen.
  • Added “Merciless” (Other Toggle) This causes her to refuse all mercy requests, and get mad at you for it.
  • Added “No Claws” (Other Visual Toggle)
  • Added “Simple Nails” (Other Visual Toggle) This removes the hair-matched nails and furious nail glow.
  • Added ”Pubes”(Other Visual Toggle)
  • Added Tan Lines (Other Visual Toggle)
  • Added Beach Lines (Other Visual Toggle)
  • Added “Angel Halo 2” (Head Accessory Toggle)
  • Added “Angel Halo 3” (Head Accessory Toggle)
  • Added ”Encouraged Edging” (Oops Options Toggle). This stops her from being mad when you edge stop, and instead raises her mood.
  • Added a bunch of new tasks.


  • Most timed tasks are now marked as repeatable, similarly to counted tasks.
  • Reduced the score minimums on a lot of tasks from 10 to 5 to make them more compatible with the new themes feature.
  • Raised the chance for rewards a bit during mischievous.
  • Edge with eyes closed prompts no longer appear under 10 minutes of session time.
  • You can no longer get the ”keep edging” ASMR variant if you have edge riding set to 0.
  • Until Dry now automatically behaves like ”Post Oops Continue” is enabled.
  • Edge tasks are now all marked as repeatable.
  • Edge tasks (more complex edging requests) should now start later into the session.

Polish & Misc

  • Adjustments to the vagina area texture, it should be far more visible on all skin colors.
  • Added some new text processing adjectives that are based on the current player statuses. Example: Plugged Plaything
  • Fog now adjusts along with all mood states, causing the scene to get darker when she’s angry, and brighter when she’s pleased.
  • Adjusted blush color for red skin to make it apparent.
  • Improved some texture line issues on her legs.
  • Significant improvements to the disappearing tongue piercing problem.
  • Significantly reduced the chance that her base name will be chosen when a dom name is available.
  • If both chastity and chastity hidden duration are enabled, Until Dry will always show as incompatible (to prevent spoilers for the end of the sentence)
  • Small adjustment to futa dick positioning, as it looked weird on some skin colors.
  • New drapes that should improve performance/look less jank.
  • Several pre-reqs are now marked as having several minute timeouts for basic tasks. This means she should no longer repeatedly ask you to get the same toy over and over, but after a few minutes she may verify you still have it “ready”. Note that I can add more to this system easily, let me know if you notice she’s repeatedly asking for something.
  • Added a new function to most toggle-related menus: Hold the top menu label for 4 seconds to fully clear that toggle list. For visual toggles, this clears all visuals. This can be used to clear bugs like ”stuck” toggles after they are fixed.
  • Pressing an Oops/Cum button while Until Dry is active will now have her remind you that these accidents do not count towards her expectations of you.
  • Added special mood descriptions to glossary.


  • Fixed a bug causing punishment endings to get stuck and not selected if you didn’t select any ending percentages at all.
  • Edge prompts can now fade out with the UI fade out system.
  • Frogtie is now incompatible with Knees Tied and Thighs Tied.
  • Fixed a bug causing only post-session challenges to affect if she asks the ”without her” question, instead of both challenges and assignments.
  • Breathplay counted tasks should no longer get disobey locked.
  • Fixed edge challenge loop if “post-oops continue” happens during edge challenges.
  • Fixed a bug giving her a chance to ignore ”Single Dom/sub name”
  • Fixed maid outfit not being marked as futa incompatible.
  • Fixed a bug causing Chastity Oops Punishment to not apply if you had any chastity option toggles enabled.
  • Fixed bug making the clear save data button constantly lit up.
  • Fixed an outfit with bandaids having the ‘’wet spot’’ appear when it shouldn’t.
  • Edge challenges should no longer appear with No Stroking enabled.
  • Fixed the inverted edge riding timer when entering ASMR segments with 0 edge riding difficulty.
  • Fixed a bug causing an infinite loop of unrelated tasks after passing on an ending.


v0.14 Stable2 Fixes

Fixed some eye rendering issues for certain android devices.
Fixed popin text scaling & positioning issues for certain resolutions.

v0.13 Stable 2
Session Time Limit is now two (min/max) sliders ranging from 10 to 120 minutes.
Delayed oops button hitbox by 1 second to prevent accidental presses
Fixed some text prompts having her name twice.
Fixed text popin overlaps.
Fixed character sounds not working for certain people.


For this version I wanted to focus primarily on two things: Visuals (Improving animation variety, UI, reducing clipping, etc) and making endings more customizable, as they’re very subjective and many people were requesting all kinds of different behaviors.

Overall, there should be an incomparable level of animation variety (some categories have gone from 5 to 30+ with multiple angles!) and endings should feel more varied and interesting.

The UI is a lot cleaner and more informative now too, communicating more about what’s going on with her without being intrusive.

Many outfits were adjusted to remove potential clipping, and overall, the game should feel more polished.

I ended up throwing a whole lot more system changes into the mix, including adding “Brattiness” tracking, reworking how “Dedication” (score) works, reworking how “Favor” works, and adding Oral/Anal variants to the in-game (Cock Hero) rhythm event.

Hope you all enjoy!

Patch Notes TLDR:

  • Way more animations (up to 6x more depending on context!)
  • Ending rework & customization, UI Rework, Score Rework
  • Outfits, new content, etc
  • Oral/Anal Rhythm Event (like CockHero)
  • TONS of bugfixes.

Full Patch Notes

Favor rework:

  • No longer tied to every task’s outcome. Gains are much rarer, and now primarily rewarded at the end of a session.
  • Mercy now requires a certain amount of favor before it’ll be considered.
  • Mercy no longer lowers mood upon being given.
  • Mercy now costs favor when given.
  • Being declined mercy now clamps her mood to at most neutral. This also means that you cannot disobey freely if you’ve been declined mercy.
  • Being given mercy during timed tasks no longer counts as a task failure.

Reworked Disobeying/Dedication(Score):

  • Disobeying while she’s happy or higher no longer has implications upon the session’s ending (does not lower dedication). It also no longer affects either chastity or findom, and has a different reaction.
  • All instances of ”Decline” on task buttons should now be replaced with ”Disobey”.
  • Removed a lot of instances of ”Failed” buttons, replacing them with Disobey, which takes into consideration her current mood.
  • Actions that will reduce your dedication (and affect the outcome of the session) are now marked with red text.
  • Mood no longer affects ending, only dedication.

Reworked endings

  • Endings have been reworked into multiple types, including task endings, rhythm (cock hero) endings, and timed countdown endings. Each of these have variants for all the possible ending categories.
  • Added 8 new sliders and a new menu called ”Endings Configuration”. In this menu, you’ll be able to specify how often you want to see each category of ending (Regular/Denial/Ruin/CEI) for rewards and punishments, along with the chance for POT.
  • (As a result of the rework) Removed Other toggles: Ruin Denial, Orgasm Denial
  • (As a result of the rework) Removed Kink toggle: Forced CEI

Other new features:

  • If you act too bratty, she now warns you she’s about to get serious. If you keep being bratty and she’s not sadistic, she will become sadistic to correct you.
  • Your brattiness affects the chance for you to be given a free day off when begging at the end of a chastity session.
  • New expression/reaction for when you act like a brat.
  • Rhythm Events now have 3 new variants. Anal, Oral, and Footjob. This also means that rhythm events now function when ”No Touching” is active.
  • She now reacts differently to you oopsing if you’ve asked for mercy and she refused. (Exceptions if you have post-oops or Chastity turned on)
  • Holiday event! You can expect similar changes to the halloween event, December 19th-26th. Just like the halloween event, the passcode cheats will be updated to include a way to force this to activate after the event has passed.
  • Keybinds for PC version. All 3 possible buttons have multiple keybinds, including: 1,2,3 F1, F2, F3 ZXC Left, Down, Right


  • She no longer takes mischievous actions like pausing timers, disabling buttons, doubling up counts, etc when her mood is ”angry” or lower.
  • Added new behavior for begging to be released on endless while she’s unhappy or worse.
  • Mid-session outfit swaps are now temporary and not saved across sessions for multiple hours.
  • Added a time limit to ”All Fours” and changed it into a negative modifier.
  • String: Dick modifier has been changed to negative instead of positive.
  • Continuing to taunt while she’s sick of it will now cause her mood to drop.
  • Added Mercy option to session extensions during Her Choice, stopping the extensions and ending the session. This upsets her.
  • Further decreased the chance of pinch tasks on normal sessions.
  • Rebalanced ending thresholds to make it easier to get a bad ending, this was necessary due to the new disobey rework.
  • Sadistic now always makes disobey cause -Dedication, regardless of mood. This allows for the possibility of manually pushing yourself into a less forgiving state by being bratty on purpose (taunting), and overall makes it harder to achieve good endings.
  • Breathplay related timed tasks can no longer be extended or disobey/mercy ”locked”


  • Animations/scenes have been reworked: Timed Tasks, Counted Tasks, and Edge Tasks now all play animations from the same (now much larger at 30 animations) pool. This results in about 6 times more animation variety during regular tasks.
  • Most animations now have multiple potential viewing angles. This should significantly help visual variety.
  • Many animations now have mood requirements before they’re allowed to show, either positive or negative.
  • New animations for the Anal/Oral/Footjob Rhythm Events
  • Added special pointing down animation for when she asks you to kneel, get on all 4s, etc.
  • 10+ expressions now have ”angry/unhappy” variants, which (mostly subtly) changes her expressions when she’s in those moods. This should overall make her expressions a bit less bipolar when you’re on her bad side.
  • 2 new outfits.
  • Renamed CEI toggle to PCEI, splitting off precum CEI from ending CEI.
  • Added Ball Press toggle under accessories. New tasks & modifiers including this.
  • Added No Horns & No Tail toggles under Other


  • Big UI rework.
  • Most information is now hidden behind a ”Status” button. Modifiers have been moved into the new Status menu. The status menu now displays her mood and now has indicators for various other possible statuses, such as Sadistic, Moody, etc.
  • The game now has text pop ins for more changes than just mood.
  • Added a new text prompt indicating a post-chastity session.
  • Support for 3:4 android tablets

Bugfixes & Tweaks

  • Punishment Modifiers should once again be working. (That was a big one. Sorry! It wasn’t recognized/reported until late into the month.)
  • Fixed a bunch of potential AI crashes with modifier removal among other things. I hope that’s all of them, thanks for all the reports.
  • Cut off the sleeves (and lewded up, sometimes) several outfits to fix some clipping.
  • Changed the head lookat code completely, to fix some previous bugs. This should also re-introduce headtilts as they were intended to be. This could result in some weirdness, so let me know if you notice anything.
  • Added delay upon pressing ”edge” during ending cock hero events to prevent accidental double taps
  • Beg option no longer shows when you’ve just completed a chastity sentence.
  • Fixed an instance of missing name text replacement on chastity day popups
  • Fixed missing audio upon saying ”no” to the post-session questions during the intro
  • Fixed a bug causing the text to fade out twice after accepting a post-session assignment
  • Resized the text on Terms & Conditions to fit a narrower aspect ratio
  • Removed second space from ”Another X task”
  • No Touching / Sadistic question can no longer show up if Sadistic is already on
  • RLGL Oral/Anal variants should now properly respect modifiers
  • Her neutral expression now dynamically adjusts to her mood instead of just on expression change.
  • Significantly sped up ”no” motion
  • Significant tweaks to standard Rhythm Event animation, it should now be much much smoother.
  • Failures decision now properly counts failures.
  • Unhappy ”neutral” expression is now a bit more obviously unhappy.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some players from disabling chastity
  • Fixed a bug preventing chastity from being auto disabled if you had multiple chastity suboptions on
  • Chastity now gets disabled silently when freed from a chastity sentence, even with the duration hidden.
  • The timer for the timed oral minigame now properly starts upon loading into the minigame instead of before
  • Fixed a bug causing her to stretch at the start of every session.
  • BackArm idle has been repurposed into an animation scene, which should prevent some of the animation transition clipping issues it frequently caused.
  • Being locked out of pressing disobey during a modifier task should no longer prevent that modifier from applying.
  • It should no longer be possible to get sadistic twice.
  • Sadistic should no longer have a chance to override guaranteed rewards from Spin the Wheel
  • Disobey should now work when she asks you to do a counted task ”again”
  • Ankle cuffs are now properly flagging ankles as busy for modifiers.
  • Fixed some modifier incompatibilities.
  • Fixed a RLGL bug that caused some weird green text popins for half a second, and prevented CBT/pinch red variants from working as intended.
  • Independent toggle should no longer prevent the ”day” question from being asked.
  • Fixed a bug causing some of the intro to be skipped sometimes.
  • Removing negative modifiers now correctly has the ”Thank You” button.
  • Removing positive modifiers now correctly has the ”Sorry” button.
  • Pressing mercy in RLGL should now always function (as in, it should act as if the button was pressed).
  • Reduced the delay before you can click on ”done” during counted tests.
  • Fixed an old bug that was preventing timed rewards from playing in some rare situations.
  • Rephrased a red in anal RLGL to prevent small text size.
  • Oral/Anal RLGL should no longer happen when No RLGL is toggled.
  • Fixed a physics bug that caused clipping during the very first scene.
  • Masochist mode “rewards” (punishments) now properly display as rewards.
  • Fixed a rare issue where buttons may not show if you get the same task twice in a row.
  • Disabling Post-Session tasks will now also prevent her from asking about them, if any were assigned.
  • Rewrote the majority of the task picking AI logic, to help fix AI crash bugs.

v0.10 Stable1

v0.09 Stable 1


Implemented Endless Time limit
When endless time limit is enabled, Succu-chan will only let you go after you’ve begged her for it. She may decline, if you haven’t satisfied her yet.

Implemented Spin The Wheel events

Spin the wheel events happen periodically, leaving your fate up to luck.
Before she spins the wheel, you may taunt Succu-chan to increase the results of the spin (both negatively and positively).
Taunting her too much may lead to her getting annoyed at you, or may make her decide to up the stakes a bit, changing the results to some special things such as session-long difficulty increases, chastity days, etc.

Reworked Outfits & Happiness
Happiness (The long term tracked stat of how well you’ve been doing) is now called Favor.
Favor has been reworked to be closer to a currency – Earn enough favor, and she’ll reward you with a lewder outfit for a single session. You’ll have to re-earn that favor to see more!
Eventually, more things will be tied to this favor system.
Outfits are now split into two categories instead of 4, Normal (28x) & Lewd (8x). This should increase significantly the variety of outfits you’ll see on a regular basis.


+40 Tasks
+4 Outfits (3x normal, 1x lewd)
Added No Spin toggle

You can now optionally decline chastity day removal.
Added taunt button to the end of edge challenges, restarting the process and a decent chunk of favor and mood.
Red timer during RLGL is now 5-20 instead of 10-15

Upgraded the Succu-dick. This may cause wobbly issues. Please report issues pertaining to the Succu-dick.
Succu-chan now periodically looks away during tests

Punishments should no longer take priority over endings (fixing an issue with skipping to end)
Added ”…again” to repeats during counted tests
Added some missing chinese font characters
Added support for japanese characters
Fixed another bug causing weird headtilts
Completely reworked how Counted tasks are generated. This may lead to some bugginess for a while, but was necessary to remove some hardcoding. Let me know if anything seems off!
General typo fixes, modifier incompatibility fixes, etc.

v0.06 Stable

  • New Event: Edging Challenge. Get challenged to various types of edges right before she releases you from the session. Earning your proper release is now far more challenging!
  • New Tasks
  • 16 new animations
  • 5 new outfits
  • As usual, many bug fixes, balance tweaks, and adjustments


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