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DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act Information

How4crack is a community site for sharing purposes only, using the activation tool to share a trial version of the software. We also do not store any copyrighted files on our web servers, and any linked content is only stored on third party websites. Since this industry allows freedom of speech, we do not engage in any form of copyright infringement.

We respect the rights of all copyright holders, in which case we have implemented a policy that terminates content that violates the rights of copyright holders where appropriate. You must provide a written email detailing the information listed in the following sections.

  • Details about your name, phone, website, office and email address
  • Specifications for copyrighted content claimed to be infringed
  • You must be a true copyright owner, or an authorized third party or agent

Contact us here and state the name of the post published on our site.
Email:  [email protected]

Thank you for understanding?

“”Please allow 2-3 Business Days for the Removal of copyright material””

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