Defenestration [v.] – Ero Games

– New repeatable shower event with three poses (unlayered)
– Shower “core system” that allows easy addition of new H-events and thought (choice-based and not)
– 13 pages of scrips that consists of short Kira’s “thoughts” that play at random (15 thoughts)
– Kira punched City Guard in the dick
– Kira consumed “dumb juice” at least once
– Kira is dating Katya:
– Default (no conditions)
– Kira has Exhibitionism fetish version1
– Kira has Exhibitionism fetish version2
– Kira completed “New You” event
– Lactation content preference is “On”
– Pregnancy content preference is “On”
– Kira completed prison shower H-event
– Kira was groped at least once version1
– Kira was groped at least once version2
– Kira enlarged her lips
– Kira’s breast size is above 3
– Kira witnessing a child throwing a kitten into a fire.
– New dorm music (we got tired of the last one)

– 430 character art pictures.
– New character art for Kira with everything (endgame/complete “nude” version, piercings, boobs, hips, fluids, poses, expressions etc.)
– New underwear art for currently present options (default and ghost)
– New lower body art for all outfits except “patriot” (shorts, pants, skirts. etc.)
– New buyable transparent skirt
– added “scroll arrows” (indicator to show that some dialogue options are scrollable)
– residential area block after pet event
– equipping outfits from items issue (it wasn’t working)
– added clearer message to visit Hospital on day 2 in order to enter Diner
– deleted unused events in vivarium
– changed gym regular replies
– added some jammer dialogue changes and tracking of its use
– edits in darling events overall “flow”
– optimized Leninals
– fixed

– One new random male NPC (Animal)
– Three new layered female NPCs (Rosie, Dottie & Sugartits, 46 pictures)
– Ability to temporarily customize them (Vivarium-Farm-Near the barn entrance (lower right corner of Farm map))
– 6 new expressions for Kira
– Clothes can now be worn from Squat-Boi or Item menu
– Separated tops from bottoms, you can now combine them.
– 3 new “harassment poses” (296 pictures)
– New repeatable random “harassment” event (27 pages with a ton of references, you’ll only see 1/3)
– New repeatable random “boobjob/blowjob/orgy” event (31 pages, you’ll only see 1/3; 458 pictures)1
– Cleaned up the code for Kira’s character art
– Deleted unnecessary pictures and sounds
– Fixed a bunch of bugs (missing poster image, preloader fixes, etc.)
– A ton of minor things (new menu, pixel art, etc.)

Defenestration v0.4.9.1
-116 new pictures;
-30 pages of script;
-Random npc ”Technopriestess” (dressed);
-Random npc ”Technopriestess” (nude);
-Random event “Priestess-pillory”;
-Repeatable version (male partner);
-Repeatable version (female partner);
-Initial BE remade a little;
-Initial “bust call” blink issue resolved;
-Minor grammar fixes;
-Intro event queue bug fixed.
Req: To make things easier and due to the lack of random events right now, it has 100% spawn chance and zero requirements (temporarily). Just interact with a new smaller pillory near the center of the “Vivarium” location.
Note: The repeatable version has a 50% chance for a male or female partner with minor text differences to spice things up. The event was written with every possible mental and physical alteration in mind (including stockings), both currently present and future ones (when Vivarium will be completed). So we won’t have to redo it.

Defenestration v0.4.9
213 pictures
214 pages of script.
To start – enter the barn at Vivarium (animal farm part).
– did a remix of trent reznor’s song to include breast-pump sound in it, due to a limitation of RPG maker and human technologies.
– Hopefully fixed memory leak/cash dumping/ crashing problem by fixing one of the plugins.
– Added “space out” (skip) option where it was requested or seemed necessary (gym locker, Vivarium intro, and new Farm “training”intro)
– Added first three days of Hucow/CNC path (counting the initial “intro” day)
– Started adding lactation to Kira, for now it’s limited to Vivarium.
– Switched the layering order of top and bottom to implement pregnancy for every outfit (around 500 pictures)
– Added 5th breast size to the game (new events, character art and every outfit for now)
– Two new “regular” NPC artworks
– One new layered NPC (pregnant or not, based on content preferences) with two poses.
– Stockings mechanic and wearable stockings (it’s was a pain in the ass and needs even more work)
– Added cow stockings that are shown in Farm events (for players with either lactation or pregnancy enabled)
– Added latex black stockings that are shown in Vivarium events (for players with no pregnancy and lactation)
– Added nose ring (limited to character art and Vivarium events for now)
– Added accessories mechanic to the game.
– Added cow bell collar that is shown in Farm events (for players with either lactation or pregnancy enabled)
– Added posture collar that is shown in Vivarium events (for players with no pregnancy and lactation)
– 2 new farm “sleep” events that use the same base art
– 2 new farm “rack” events that use the same base art

Defenestration v0.4.8
-New village/town – Vivarium.
-New quest.
-New outfit and its revealing version Defenestration.
-Four new characters (Including a historically accurate character art for “Napoleon”.)
-Two new fetishes that will affect the game overall – Pregnancy and lactation.
-“Personality test” to turn them on/off.
So far they partially change the narrative of the quest, appearance of one of the characters and add one extra event specific for “lactation” (uses the same art, so it’s fair for all routes and preferences).
-Kira’s character artwork was partially re-coded to support new changes.
-Word-building mini-events
-Character art of “imperator” was added to the groping system and immediately used for “sexposition” (mini groping event).
-One new event in Defenestration at the church for everyone (text adjusts to turned “on” fetishes) and one lactation related event that uses the same artwork (co-written by Lostraven).
-The overall script for all routes is 182 pages long.
-Prison outfit can now be found in the dumpster near prison.

-Fixed crashing issue (hopefully);
-Started implementing “night” to the game – use a dorm alarm clock.
(So far you can only steal liquor for Party Quest as an alternative way of starting it, and there’s a small interaction at the gym);
-Added information on how the “night” will work to the first interaction with an alarm clock;
-Small interaction at the church that can also lead to your arrest, or it can give you minor boosts (one time deal);
-Edited the artwork for the following events (basically half of our events were changed in some way – 197 pictures):
New You “dream”;
Party quest Katya version;
Party quest Tolstoy version;
Katya pole event;
Chief Officer events (all 4 of them)
Intro Breast enlargement event;
New You Breast enlargement event;
Prison shower event (first half)
(Every “other” event that uses Kira’s frontal face – Red Kira etc.)

-A ton of backend systems that actually work this time.
-fixed fps issue (I hope)
-compressed most of in-game assets
-remade bust layering (mostly cut)
-remade “New You Breast enlargement” event to give you an opportunity to reduce or enlarge Kira’s breasts from any currently implemented size.
-Dialogue changes all over the game Defenestration
-Minor and major edits of Kira’s character art.
-Some new character art for the npcs
-New You quest finale (120 pages long, but it has a lot of choices, so I have no idea how long it will take you to finish it)
-“Jammer” actually does something now, it blocks fetishes (it will ask you first) and is also required for something else.
-Remade diner job, you can now pick between the two of them.
-One new hypnotic event + fetish
-Three gloryhole H-events (one exclusive for dumb Kira’s, uses the same art)
-One non-H scene for a particular choice in new quest
New events support alternative text (lust, int, charisma) and all currently present physical changes (lips, breasts, hair).
Replaced art in:
Park exhibitionism
Park “Bobby Fisherman”
All of the Chief Officer’s sessions (four)
Subway random event (requires casual outfit and hypnosis, has three sub-events)
Vasilissa random event (red square mall – exclusive for bimbo characters)
“New you” breast enlargement event
Prison shower
Prison pole
Defenestration Legion 1

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