Need for Sin Game Walkthrough Download for PC Android

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Need for Sin Game Walkthrough Download for PC Android


Need for Sin Overview

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Need for Sin is a turn-based RPG strategy game featuring Gang War bloodshed and Hardcore H and Action Scenes. You will have your own team of gangsters helping you to take down the enemies. Your gang will primarily follow orders from an Old Lady as you progress through the game. Train and upgrade your characters and buy weapons. Make your gang strong enough for any fight.

Story and presentation

In this game, you will have your gangsters capture naughty sluts. Each gangster has a unique physical skill and is assigned a class that allows them to move further away or gives them a longer shooting range.

After the tutorial, you will be caught by the police and you’ll meet an Old Lady who will give orders for every mission. On every mission there will be characters who cannot be changed, so you will need to come up with a plan to make your team stronger than your opponent’s.

Even if you are unable to make progress with your mission yet, you can still have fights.

Each level requires you to complete a mission and you will get a girl as your reward. Characters gain 1 experience point for each PVP win. There is also a trainer who will train your gang members. Training gives characters experience. Characters who are in training cannot be used in battle.

Gameplay and objectives

Need for Sin can be played on a mobile device or on a desktop.

The Gameplay on a PC is simple. You just need to use your mouse to navigate and to take part in battles. During Missions, you will receive instructions for your mission from dialogues based on the storyline. The user interface is pretty clear and the H scenes are extremely realistic.

The Gameplay on mobile devices is simple too. The game is touchscreen enabled, meaning that you will have no problem playing it on your mobile device.

And since your game progress is saved on your Erogames account in real time, you can switch between desktop, laptop and mobile device without having to start over again.

The objective of the game is to take down enemies by any means; shooting, stabbing and bombing.


The Hentai Scenes in this game are very detailed and realistic. All scenes are uncensored, depicting different positions and ways of having sex, which add more interest for players. Every time you upgrade your character, the H scenes will become more intense as the characters remove more their clothing and the H scene becomes hotter. Even the congratulatory part after the game has quite a sexy H scene. If you are looking for a game with a more adult side, you will definitely love this game.

Technical points

Graphics and animation

The game has cool graphics and animation. The H scenes and Battle scenes are very intense, and the violent aspects are extremely detailed. Even the characters look very realistic. The action scenes, the fights and the attacks look really good. Players will really enjoy the visual side of this game.

Music and sound effects

The background music, sound effects and voice over are perfectly-suited to the game, immersing you in the action. And the noises and voices during H scenes are perfect too.


You can play on your PC, tablet, laptop or mobile device. The game responds quickly to mouse clicks or to touches on touchscreen-enabled devices, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties playing it however suits you best.

Difficulty and lifespan

Each gangster has a unique physical skill and is part of a category which allows them to take longer strides or have a longer shooting range. Each turn has a limited number of moves, so you need to plan your steps before choosing your move. Taking it back will cost you another move. In order to gain more experience and to earn more, you will need to train your characters to do more PVP. You will also need bucks and gold for upgrades and weapons. Bucks are obtained with gold, Erogolds and through the Roulette. You can get gold using Erogolds and the Roulette. Other ways to earn rewards are through Tournaments and Raids. These enable you to upgrade your character and buy the weapons that you will need to progress through the game.

Some facts and figures

  • Designed for: PCs and Mobile Devices
  • 50 heroes
  • 60 missions
  • 10 maps
  • 5 guns
  • 9 weapons other than guns
  • 3 levels of Armor
  • 3 levels of Ammo
  • 2 cars
  • 20 types of gangster


  • A very cool turn-based RPG game.
  • Two playing modes: mobile device or PC.
  • Very detailed and intense H Scenes and battle scenes.
  • The Old Lady will give your gangsters orders as you move forward through the game. Your job is just to follow these orders by any means you can.
  • The blood effects, fight scenes and counterattacks are detailed too.
  • The sounds, music and backgrounds really tie in with the game.
  • A large range of characters and themes: MILF, Lesbian, Japanese, Ebony, Anal, Teen and more.

Need for Sin is the very definition of an adult game, with its graphics, effects and H Scenes. The gameplay and the difficulty levels of missions are just right, making sure that players will want to keep exploring the game.

The characters and the illustration of the Hentai scenes are very realistic and look really good. A must for fans of adult games.

System Requirements of Need for Sin

Before You Start Need for Sin Download. Make Sure Your PC Meets Minimum System Requirements.

How to Install Need for Sin Game:

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  5. Click on Finish, Now Restart the Computer.
  6. Play the game.
  7. Have fun?

Need for Sin Free Download Full PC/Mac Game

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