Area69 [v.0.77] – Ero Games

This is the actual list of things that should be in here on top of getting Lucy on the beach:
– Lucy: “First time.”
– Lucy: “Tips from the enemy”
– Lucy: New sex scene in her room.
– Lucy: New sex scene in the pool.
– Lucy: New sex scene in the bathroom.
– Lucy: New sex scene in the living room.
– Lucy: New sex scene in the kitchen.
– Ahegao/normal option in ALL Lucy’s scenes.

Area69 v0.74
– Quest ‘World Championship’ finished with 10 new chapters​
– Quest ‘xVideos’ finished with 3 new chapters​
– Rework of the boxing gym and all old renders​
– Repeatable scenes with six students for the new profession​
– Repeatable scenes with female boxers​
– Repeatable scenes with Angela, Martina and Nicole​
– New profession (Personal Trainer)​
– New NPC: Alana, Nicole’s sister​
– New NPC: Anastasia’s Bodyguard​
– 35 new achievements​

Area69 v0.73
16 New Achievements
New Scenes in the Bunker
Amelia Bath
Amelia Train
Elena Shower
Isabella Shower (2 Finals)
Elena/Isabella Fuck (2 Ways)

Bar (Talks)
28 girls to talk
Emma (Successful Talk)
Sara (Successful talk)
Lucy (Successful Talk)
Andrea (Successful talk)
Victoria (2 Finals)

Bar (Dance)
10 dancers
+100 Renders each girl
tip system
2 different outfits + nude (all girls)
Sex for money proposal
Abigail / Naomi (Successful Proposal – 2 Endings)
Olivia (Successful Proposal – 2 Endings)
Evelyn (Successful Proposal)
Julia, Isabella and Amelia (If the story is already advanced, none of the three will probably dance precisely because of the decisions made)

Bonus scene
Julia Night Kitchen (2 Endings – 1 Random MC Vampire)

Other random scenes
Scare or kill the thief as a vampire
Some tweaks to the story of Lucy being the vampire MC, but they don’t change anything about the story, no need to replay it.

Area69 v0.72
– Amelia’s Story
– Isabella’s Story
– Elena’s Story
– Choice to be a vampire, kill Elena, take her prisoner or make her an ally.
– Repeatable scenes in the new bunker.
– Two paths (Isabella partner – Isabella enemy)
– More Achievements (It will depend on the path taken)

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